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Epigeum resource on University and College Teaching


This set of nine two-hour courses was developed by Epigeum under the leadership of Professor Graham Gibbs. It reflects current HE practice and develops the skills needed to plan and deliver courses that will most effectively support student learning. It is intended particularly to new and  part time tutors.

Working though this set of online resources will help you develop your thinking about role as a teacher in HE. This can support you to evaluate and evidence your practice as part of an application toward fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Plus Icon Lecturing 1

This section will introduce lecturing including chapters on lecturers' personal preferences and the research evidence about lecturing, how to organise content in lectures and useful insights into using technology and the role of questions and answers in lectures.

You can access this section here

Plus Icon Lecturing 2

Lecturing 2 looks at a range of ways to deliver your lectures effectively, to ensure that students are engaged and supported, and to handle problems and incidents.

You can access this section here.

Plus Icon Resources to enhance student learning

This section aims to answer your questions about how to find, select, and successfully make use of learning resources.

You can access this section here

Plus Icon Making the most of discussion

Each chapter of this section looks at a different stage in the process of encouraging a successful discussion.

You can access this section here

Plus Icon Supervising projects and dissertations

The focus of this section is on the supervision process and how you, as a supervisor, can structure and organise the period of time available to maximise the likelihood that your students will produce a project report, dissertation or research thesis of excellent quality that meets the standards required. 

You can access this section here

Plus Icon Marking and giving feedback

Students will pay most attention to what they think is being assessed – so, in this course we will look in more detail at the implications of key areas such as: setting assessment tasks, specifying outcome criteria, helping students self-review and giving feedback.  

You can access this section here

Plus Icon Understanding the principles of course design

This section is intended to be of use to anyone new to teaching in higher education. Whether or not you are involved in building courses, it is important to learn the principles of good course design and how to apply them in order to maximise the chance that the students you teach will have a positive learning experience.

This section can be accessed here. 

Plus Icon Developing your teaching

This section focuses on your professional growth in teaching. It is based on the premise that you can stay vital in teaching by continuously reflecting on your teaching practice and, through this process, developing new teaching skills and approaches.

This section can be accessed here

Plus Icon Teaching with patients

This section will take a chronological approach to investigating how to teach with patients to best effect in order to develop students' skills rather than just their knowledge base.

This section can be accessed here.

Page last updated: 12/12/2019

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