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Digital Pedagogy guides


In the same way that course pedagogy is context specific, so, too, is the use of digital tools and services. The way you use digital tools will very much depend on the course design, the pedagogic model(s) being used, the mode of delivery, and the students who study on the course.

“Digital Pedagogy is precisely not about using digital technologies for teaching and, rather, about approaching those tools from a critical pedagogical perspective. So, it is as much about using digital tools thoughtfully as it is about deciding when not to use digital tools, and about paying attention to the impact of digital tools on learning.” - What is Digital Pedagogy? (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.digitalpedagogylab.com/hybridped/digitalpedagogy/

These guides are designed to assist you in making decisions about which digital tools you might wish to use and how to implement them with maximum success. The guides are underpinned by current research into technology enhanced learning and digital pedagogy, provide information on which digital tools and services might be suitable, and also uses case study examples of where these tools are currently being used (internally and externally).

We hope these guides will be a starting point for you to make the most appropriate use of our digital tools and services in pursuit of an excellent education experience.

Simon Thomson, Head of Digital Pedagogy.

If you would like to contribute a case study about how you are using digital tools and services in your learning and teaching please complete the short form here

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