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DLU communication and reporting

General Communication

DLU maintains production reports which track progress of distance learning development projects and report any issues. 

These progress reports are sent fortnightly via email to Deans of Schools, relevant Heads of Subject (and any nominated parties). Each development has a RAG status according to the following key: 

Description of coloured alert status: white = not started; emerald = completed; green = in progress; yellow = potential risk; amber = at risk; red = major issue

Risks in distance learning production

The progress reports are used to highlight risks and will note if any risks including but not limited to the following arise:
  • Deployment hours (i.e. time not given/protected)
  • Resourcing/staffing (i.e. School underresourced/staff members leave/Production team underresourced)
  • Sickness
  • Delayed/missed deadlines

Risk Reporting

Once DLU have agreed deadlines with the content developer, these get recorded in Production reports and shared with interested parties. DLU then check in at regular points to keep an eye on progress and any issues that may arise. 

If a potential risk is noted, the procedure is as follows: 

Risk Reporting Procedure

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