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How to edit DLU MyBeckett modules

Editing DLU modules

The Academic Instructional Designer has overall management of the module area in MyBeckett. They are responsible for ensuring quality and consistency, both within individual modules and across courses as a whole.

You may wish to make some edits within the module, for example repairing a broken link, and this can be done in the same way as for any other module, ensuring you follow the same format (for target and alt text etc) used in the rest of the module. If you are unsure of how to do this, contact your Academic Instructional Designer who will be able to correct the link for you.

Documents for the modules are held within the Institution Content area, and linked from here. Documents are not added into modules as individual items without any supporting context. If you wish to change or upload a new document, image or presentation, contact your Academic Instructional Designer. 

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Requesting edits to a DLU module

While smaller edits such as fixing links can be done while the module is running, changes to the module should be built into the refresh (minor changes) or revamp (major changes) process. Updated materials for a refresh should be sent to the Distance Learning Unit 8 weeks in advance of the module start date, or for a revamp, 12 weeks. 

Contact your Academic Instructional Designer for more about refreshing or revamping a module.

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