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MoSCoW change process for DL courses


MoSCoW is a prioritisation system whereby you order change requests by their importance. We use this method to decide at which stage of a project we will complete a change.

Below are the standard categories for distance learning production tasks. Student feedback may change a standard category - but please share this with us so that we are aware of the necessity. 


These changes MUST be made each time a module is run. Anything inside this category will be completed by DLU within the allocated hours.  

  • Module Handbook
  • Assessment information (new each time to reduce risk of plagiarism)
  • Assessment submission links
  • Module dates
  • HTML Links
  • Quality Modifications and subsequent changes
  • Written references to out-of-date names, e.g. Leeds Met/X-stream
  • Creating activities


These changes will be completed by DLU if the M category has not used up all the allocated hours. Where the M category has used up all allocated hours, DLU will attempt to make the changes depending on their resource availability. 

  • Missing text
  • Changes to activities
  • Setting adaptive release (if OLT not setting it)
  • Formatting which causes confusion/misunderstanding in text
  • Audio which has received complaints from the students
  • Videos which reference Leeds Met/X-stream (cover with a disclaimer)
  • Addition of transcripts


Anything in the Could category will only be completed is the Must and Should categories have not used up the allocated time. If it is not completed, it will remain on the to-do list for consideration in the next Rollover.

  • Articulate re-formatting
  • Items appearing in new windows etc (standards)
  • Formatting which doesn’t fit into our style
  • Audio which is audible but not perfect
  • Audio where the narrator is not consistent
  • Reshoot videos which reference Leeds Met/X-stream
  • Discussion board dates of posting

Wishlist/ Won't

Anything in the Wishlist/Won't category will not be completed but remains in the category for consideration at the next module rollover. 

  • Suggestions which another has made that the Module Leader doesn’t think appropriate/suitable
  • Suggestions where not completing the change would have no negative impact on student experience
  • Cleaning Blackboard’s HTML

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