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Access and edit recordings

1. Access a recording

a. Log in to Adobe Connect at https://leedsbeckett.adobeconnect.com.

b. Click the Meetings tab from the menu at the top.

Meetings tab

c. Click the name of the meeting you recorded.

List of meetings

d. Click Recordings.

Recordings link

e. Click the name of the recording.

Meeting recording

f. To view a recording, click the URL for Viewing. Information about sharing this URL with others is available in our recording and sharing meetings guide.

URL for viewing

2. Edit a recording

You can edit meeting recordings in Adobe Connect.

a. First, locate the meeting recording, but don't click on it.

Meeting recording

b. Click Actions, then Edit Recording.

Edit button

c. This will open the Adobe Connect recording editor. 

d. Click Play to watch the recording from the start, or drag the progress bar to a specific point.

e. You can use the triangular markers to select part of the recording that you want to delete, then click the cut icon (a pair of scissors) on the right.

Cut markers

Cut icon

f. To undo, click the arrow icon at the bottom right. 

g. You can also click Settings at the bottom left, for options such as hiding names and chat pods. 

h. Click Save (bottom right) to apply your changes.

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