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Install Adobe Connect application to share screen (Mac)

1. Do I need to install it?

This guide is for staff with Adobe Connect meeting hosting accounts.

You need to install the Adobe Connect desktop application in order to share your screen, applications or PowerPoint (pptx) files with meeting attendees in Adobe Connect.

2. Install the Adobe Connect application

a. Download the installation file. By default, your web browser will save it to your Downloads folder, although you can choose a different location.

b. In the Downloads folder, click AdobeConnect_982.437.dmg

c. Double-click AdobeConnectInstaller then click Open if prompted.

d. When the installation is complete, click Close.

3. Open the application

a. Use Finder to search for and open Adobe Connect.

b. If you have already set up an online meeting, you can paste the URL into the Adobe Connect application and click Continue

Meeting url entry point

If you forget the URL of your meeting, you can retrieve this by logging in to Adobe Connect at https://leedsbeckett.adobeconnect.com in your web browser. Click Meetings from the menu at the top, then click the name of your meeting from the list. You can copy the URL from the meeting information.

Note, if you have already accessed a meeting via the Adobe Connect application, it will appear in your list of Recents.

Recent meetings list

c. Click Enter with your login and password.

Log in for registered users

d. Type your Adobe Connect username and password, then click Enter Room

Username and password boxes

e. The meeting will open in the Adobe Connect application, ready for you to prepare and use your meeting space.

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