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Google Drive

1. Introduction

Google Drive acts as a central space in which you can store, share and collaborate on Google Docs. You can access it in one of two ways:
• Sign in via a web browser (we recommend Google Chrome).
• Install the Google Drive application on your computer.

Important: You don't need to install the application if you just intend to use the web version.

2. Use Drive in a web browser

a. Log into G Suite (you can use our Get Started guide if you are not sure how). 

b. Click the grid icon at the top right, then select Drive from the app list.
Google Drive icon

c. In the menu on the left click My Drive to access your files and folders.

3. Install Drive application (on campus)

Important: If you experience any problems using the Software Center to install Google Drive, please contact the IT Service Desk on Skype or call x22222.

 Open the Windows Start Menu.

Type Software Center in the search box and click on it when it appears in the list.
c. In the Software Center, click Google Drive.
Google Drive icon

d. Click Install.

e. When Google Drive has finished installing, open the Windows Start Menu and open Google Drive from the app list.

f. Click Get Started, then follow the instructions to enter your staff email and password.

g. Click Next until you reach step 4 of 4, then click Sync Options.
Sync options

h. On the Sync options tab, you have the option to sync everything in your drive or to sync folders from a list. Note that choosing to sync everything will take longer.
Sync options - selecting a folder

i. Click the Advanced tab. In the System settings section, you may want to deselect the checkbox for Start Google Drive on system startup. If you choose to leave this selected, Google Drive will launch every time you switch on your computer.
Sync settings

j. Click Start sync.

4. Install Drive application (off campus)

a. Download the Drive application, following the on screen instructions.

b. Open it and Sign in with your username (staff email address) and University password.

5. Use Google Drive

For a quick visual introduction view a Google Drive Cheat Sheet.
For support, visit the Google Help Centre.

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