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Mark on an iPad with Bb Grader

1. Introduction

This guide is to help staff get started with the Bb Grader app for iPad. This app allows you to mark and leave feedback on Blackboard assignments.

For more information on Bb Grader visit the Bb Grader website.

2. Benefits

  • You can use Bb Grader to mark offline, e.g. while you’re travelling (to save time).
  • You can mark in a more comfortable location. All the benefits of online marking without having to sit at a desk.
  • It's the only streamlined way to leave video feedback for your students.
  • It’s also the only way to leave audio feedback in Blackboard assignments.

3. Constraints

  • Bb Grader is currently only available on an iPad.
  • You can’t use it to mark Turnitin assignments. There’s a separate app for that.

4. Get the app

a. Open your iPad App Store and search for Bb Grader.
b. Install as you would any other iPad app.


5. Get started / navigation

a. Once installed, tap the app icon to open it.

b. Type MyBeckett in the search box.
c. Select Leeds Beckett University – MyBeckett
d. Type your staff username e.g. person01 and password.
e. Tap Login.

f. Tap the menu at the top of the screen to select the module you wish to mark.
g. If your module contains multiple assignments, you’ll see these displayed in a grid. Tap one to view the submissions inbox.
h. The submissions inbox screen contains a list of students. You can see:
  • If a student has submitted
  • The date of any submissions (and if a submission is late)
  • If you’ve marked the assignment
  • If you’ve sent the assignment to Grade Centre (this is important if working offline.)
i. Tap on a student’s name to open their paper. If you see an error when accessing documents for the first time, please close then reload the Bb Grader app. To do this, double tap the home button on your iPad, then swipe Bb Grader to close it.
j. The paper opens in a document viewer. Here, you can:
  • Go back to the submissions inbox by tapping on the arrow at the top left.
  • Use the icon bar to zoom in / out.
  • Add feedback comments.
  • Download the document onto your iPad.

  • Move between assignment pages.
  • Scroll up / down to read the paper.
  • Tap on the Grade icon at the top right to begin marking / leaving feedback.

6. Enter marks and feedback

a. To leave inline comments on the assignment, tap the comment icon, then tap on the assignment text in the location you want to comment.
b. Your name appears in a comment box on the right of the screen. Tap that comment box twice to start typing.

c. Tap anywhere outside the comment box to save the comment.

d. Tap on the comment again to reply to it e.g. for moderated marking, or delete the comment using the trash icon.

e. To leave other kinds of feedback, tap on the Grade icon at the top right of the screen.
f. This opens a Grade bar. Type the mark in the double dashed box.

g. Leave general feedback in the Feedback box.
h. Tap Grading Notes to leave comments which only other instructors / tutors can see.
i. Tap the Audio icon to leave audio feedback. To start recording, tap the red circle.
j. Stop the recording by tapping the red stop icon.

k. Re-record audio by tapping Retake, or save the recording by tapping Use Audio. You can delete audio by tapping Cancel, then OK.
j. Video feedback works in much the same way, but it can only be up to one minute long. You can also leave a pre-recorded video chosen from your mobile device’s library.
k. When you’re done marking, tap Send Grade to send marks and feedback to the module’s Grade Centre in MyBeckett.
l. You can also Send Grades from the submissions inbox if you want to send them all at the same time. E.g. if you've been marking offline, and just come into range of a wireless connection.


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