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Academic Integrity Tutorial

1. Check student progress

You can view statistics for a student’s usage of the Academic Integrity content. If you're also using the Academic Integrity test, you can view student grades in the Grade Centre (see our guide.)
a. Enter the Module / Course Group you imported the Academic Integrity content into. 
Integrity progress image 1
b. Click Student Engagement and Evaluation in the Control Panel.
Integrity progress image 2
c. Click SCORM Reports.
Integrity progress image 3
d. You'll see the Promoting Academic Integrity item. Click the action link (down arrow) to the right of the item name, then click Run.
Integrity progress image 4
e. Choose who you want to report on. Click a user to highlight them, then click the arrow to move them into the Selected Users box. To report on all students, click Select All.
Integrity progress image 5
f. A SCORM Report is generated. Below what the columns mean.
Integrity progress image 6
• Learning Object Name: Lists the pages within the Academic Integrity tutorial.
• Time: The total time a student has viewed content for, as well as the individual page time.
Important: Ignore sections labelled N/A. They're header pages etc that students can't 'complete'.
• Status: Either Complete or Incomplete. Complete means the student has viewed the page, Incomplete means they've never viewed the page.
• Other Columns: Not applicable as student comprehension is assessed in the TEST - Promoting Academic Integrity item in your content area.

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