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Back-up / import module content

1. Back-up a module

The University’s archive policy states you're responsible for creating and storing an electronic archive of your MyBeckett modules. You can create, download and save module backups.

a. In the Control Panel of the module you want to back-up, click Packages and Utilities. Then click Export/Archive Module.
b. Click Archive Module.
c. Tick the box if you want to Include Grade Centre History in your backup.
d. Select Copy links and include copies of the files in the module default directory and Copy links and include copies of the files outside the module default directory

e. Click Submit.

f. You'll see on screen confirmation that the process has started and receive an email when the back-up process is complete.

g. Now save the back-up file to your computer. In Packages and Utilities, click Export/Archive Module.
h. Click the back-up file name (ends in .zip), then click Save File.

2. Import a module backup into a module

Note: Importing exported content from a module into a course group, and vice versa, is currently not supported by Blackboard. Please contact Learning Systems for advice if you would like further information.
a. In the module you want to import the backup into, turn Edit Mode ON
b. In the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities, then click Import Package / View Logs.
c. Click Import Package. 
d. To Select a Package, click Browse... and locate the file you saved in section 1 of this guide.
e. Tick the boxes next to the content you want to import from your back-up.
f. Click Submit.
Important: You won’t be able to see imported content immediately. You’ll get an email when the import is complete. DON'T begin the process again - you'll get duplicates of everything.

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