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Create a mobile compatible test

1. Important information

This guide is for staff members creating mobile compatible tests, designed for use via the Blackboard App

Why use a mobile compatible test?

Mobile compatible tests may be useful for formative quizzes, or as a basic polling mechanism within your module.


  • You can only create mobile compatible tests in MyBeckett using a desktop computer. You can't create a mobile test using a mobile device.
  • Mobile tests are designed to work best within the Blackboard App. Mobile web browsers e.g. Safari on the iPad will display the desktop view.
  • When creating a mobile compatible tests, you are limited to seven question types that work within the app.
  • Tests with only mobile compatible questions are automatically available for students in the Blackboard App. Tests containing non-mobile question types aren't available for students via the Blackboard App (just via a web browser).

2. Create a mobile test shell

Students can take mobile tests via the Blackboard App on their iOS, Android or Windows mobile device, or on their desktop computer.
a. In a module content area, hover your mouse over Assessments.
b. Click Mobile Compatible Test.
c. Fill out the Test Settings - Title, Description and Availability. Type the Number of attempts and Default question value i.e. how many points you'll award per question. You can set a Password so that students can't access it until you allow them to.
d. Click Save Settings.

3. Create a new question

a. Click Add Question.

b. Type the Question and Answer in the boxes and specify the Points value.

c. After entering the details, click Add Question again. Repeat this process until you've created all your test questions.

d. Click Save and Close. The test is available to students as soon as you make it Available.

4. Question types supported by mobile tests

Seven question types are available in mobile compatible tests.

  • True / False: Students choose whether something is true or false.
  • Multiple Choice: Students pick one correct answer from a selection of answers.
  • Short Answer: Students type a free-form response.
  • Hot Spot: Students click an area of a picture. The correct answer is set by pixel coordinates.
  • Fill in Multiple Blanks: Students enter missing values in the text. Values they enter are compared against the answers.
  • File Response (image only): Students upload a file from their computer to answer a question
  • Calculated Numeric: Requires a numeric answer to a question. Similar to a fill in the blank question.

5. True / False question

a. Add a True / False question from the Add Question drop-down.

b. Type the Question in the box.

c. Select True or False as the correct answer.

d. Assign a Points value (how many points is this question worth).


6. Multiple Choice question

a. Add a Multiple Choice question from the Add Question drop-down.

b. Type the Question in the box.

c. Type your Answers and select the correct answer.

d. Add options using the green + symbol

e. Assign a Points value.


7. Short Answer question

a. Add a Short Answer question from the Add Question drop-down.

b. Type the Question in the box.

c. Assign a Points value.

8. Hot Spot question

a. Add a Hot Spot question from the Add Question drop-down.

b. Type the Question in the box.

c. Click Choose File to find an image on your computer. Then click Open.

Important: Images must be less than 1400 by 1400 pixels and less than two megabytes.

d. Click Upload.

e. Click and drag your mouse to on the image to highlight the part you want to make into a hot spot. Then click Update.

f. Assign a Points value.

9. Fill in Multiple Blanks question

a. Add a Fill in Multiple Blanks question from the Add Question drop-down.

b. Type the full Question in the box. I.e. add a sentence, complete with words that you want to make into blanks for students to fill in (we'll do this next.)

c. Highlight a word / phrase that you want students to fill in.

d. Click Make blank from selected text (repeat steps c and d as needed.)

e. Assign a Points value.

10. File Response question

a. Add a File Response question from the Add Question drop-down.

b. Type the Question in the box.

c. Assign a Points value.


11. Calculated Numeric question

a. Add a Calculated Numeric question from the Add Question drop-down.

b. Type the question in the Question box.

c. Type the answer in the Answer box.

d. If applicable, assign an Answer Range.

e. Assign a Points value.

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