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Customise style and theme

1. Change the style and theme

a. In a module's Control Panel  click Customisation, then click Look and Feel. 
b. You can change the Module Entry Point. This controls which area of the module students will see first when they enter it. Select and entry point from the drop-down menu.
c. You can apply a visual theme to the module. Under Select Module Theme, click to select one. This doesn't affect your content or module structure.

You can change the theme at any time by clicking the Change Module Theme button  at the top right of the module. Click a theme and it’ll display immediately.
d. Choose a Menu Style. Students will see the navigation menu as Text or Buttons. You can see a preview of this above the selection. We recommend using text. Bluntly, the buttons don't look very good!  
e. Click the Text button, select the Background Colour and Text Colour using the drop-down arrows.

Important: Select colours that display a high level of contrast to ensure readability and accessibility. Don't use Black on White or White on Black as this is not considered accessible.

Top tip: To really nail a good colour scheme, please do a Google search for 'colour wheel'. This is a really easy to use design technique for ensuring colours complement each other. 

f. Please view our guide to adding a banner image. You should speak to the Leeds Beckett University Marketing Service if you want to have a banner designed.
g. Click Submit.

h. Your new structure and theme take immediate effect.



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