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Install Blackboard Drive

1. Introduction

This guide shows you how to install, configure and get started with Blackboard Drive.

Blackboard Drive is a desktop application that allows you to directly connect to the Content Collection in MyBeckett modules in order to upload, edit and remove files quickly and easily.
One of the main benefits of using Blackboard Drive is that you can upload multiple files to MyBeckett from your computer or a shared network drive, instead of uploading files one by one using the web interface. 

Files that you upload to a module via Blackboard Drive appear in the module's Content Collection. You can then use these files in different content areas as appropriate.

2. On Campus installation

Staff PC
a. Open the Windows Start Menu.

b. Type Software Center in the search box and click on it when it appears in the list.

c. Click Blackboard Drive and follow the on screen instructions.

Staff Mac
• Please contact IT Services (0113 81 22222) and ask them to install Blackboard Drive for you.

3. Off Campus installation

Important: You need admin rights for an off campus computer to install Blackboard Drive on it.
a. Download and unzip the correct version for your computer (below). You'll need to authenticate to MyBeckett if you're not logged in.
Mac OSX (read the important section below first)
b. Unzip the file and double click it to install on your computer.
Important: Mac installation

• Blackboard Drive for Mac needs the Java Development Kit (JDK), not just the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
• Install the JDK before installing Blackboard Drive.
• JDK installation instructions.

4. Configure Blackboard Drive

After installing Blackboard Drive, you need to configure a new volume. Click the + icon and enter these connection details:
  • Volume name: MyBeckett
  • Full URL: https://my.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/
  • Username: Your MyBeckett Username
  • Password: Your MyBeckett Password
  • Tick Save Password.
Blackboard drive configuration image

5. Use Blackboard Drive

a. Click the Windows start button and open Blackboard Drive.
BB drive icon

b. Click the Volume name you created in section 4 (above).
BB Drive Select a Volume

c. Click Connect.
Connect button

d. When connected, you can access the Content Collection in MyBeckett modules via file explorer. You will find a link in your list of network drives. 
Open BB drive

e. To access module content, open the Courses folder and locate the module you require. Please note that any changes that you make using BB drive will directly affect module content in MyBeckett.
Accessing MyBeckett via File Explorer

f. For more information about using Blackboard Drive, view our guide to uploading, editing and updating multiple files.

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