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Mark and leave feedback in Grade Centre

1. Introduction

This guide is for staff marking and leaving feedback on Blackboard assignments.

Note: Marks for surveys and tests (excluding essay questions) will automatically appear in Grade Centre.

2. What needs marking?

Submissions that need grading are assigned a yellow exclamation mark. 

If a student has not submitted an assignment, you'll see a ‘- -‘.


3. Manually input marks

The simplest (but not the best) way to enter marks in Grade Centre is to manually input them. Click the exclamation mark, type the mark and press Enter on your keyboard. The mark is stored in Grade Centre. 

4. View a submission

a. Click the action link (down arrow) next to any exclamation mark.

b. Click View Grade Details
c. Click View Attempts
d. To download a submission file, click the link under Submission on the right of the screen.
e. Enter the mark into the Attempt box. The Grade box will then display the mark for the most recently marked attempt. You can also add written feedback and / or upload a file.
f. Click Submit. Your marks and feedback are saved to Grade Centre. The Grading view will automatically open the next attempt by the same student.

4. Leave feedback

Video and other file submissions

You can leave general feedback in the panel on the right of the file upload.

a. Click the blue Attempt area to expand the feedback section.

Blue attempt box

b. Type your feedback in the Feedback to Learner box. You can use the tools at the bottom of the box to attach a file or add formatting.

Feedback box

c. Click Submit.

Text file submissions

You can leave general feedback in the panel on the right of the file upload (as described for video and other file submissions), or leave inline comments within the document text.

a. To add a bubble comment, click the speech bubble icon then click the point in the document that you would like to link the comment to.

b. To draw on or highlight part of the document, use the pen tools and select a colour.

c. To type text on the document, use the aA tool then click where you want to type.

d. To cross out part of the document, click the strikethrough icon then select the relevant part of the text.

Text marking tools

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