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Non-credit modules

1. Introduction

This guide is for staff members requesting a non-credit module (NCM) in MyBeckett.

What is a non-credit module?
Non-credit modules are MyBeckett modules that do not exist in Banner (the University's student record system) and do not carry any academic credit.

Do I need a non-credit module?
Before you request a non-credit module, consider whether you could achieve your objectives using Course Groups. Course Groups are ideal for managing extracurricular content, as they allow you to do everything you can do in a module, with the flexibility of reaching an entire course or specific levels of a course. 

Unlike non-credit modules, Course Group creation and enrolment is automatic, based on data from Banner. This means that you can always be sure that students will have access to the group. Plus, students can easily find their School and Course Groups list on the first page they see when they enter MyBeckett.

Why request a non-credit module?
If a Course Group is not suitable for your needs, you can use a non-credit module to take advantage of the functionality of MyBeckett for extracurricular modules and skills teaching.

2. Request a non-credit module (NCM) 

To request a non-credit module, complete the online form within MyBeckett. Please note that NCM requests require approval from either your Line Manager or Learning Technologist.

a. In MyBeckett, click the Modules tab. 
Modules tab

b. Locate the Request a Non-Credit Module section, then click Log Request.
Log Request button

c. The Non-Credit Module Request Form opens. It contains three sections for Module Requirements, Your Details and Approval.
NCM form

d. In Section 1: Module Requirements, enter your module details.

  • Module Name: Type the module name (this will appear in MyBeckett).
  • Module Required for Faculty: Use the drop-down list to select a faculty.
  • Subject Area, Professional Group Name or SBC Code: Type your details.
  • Purpose for the Module: Type a brief description of the module.
  • Rolling or Permanent Module: Select Permanent or Roll Over at Year End.
  • Number of deliveries per year: Type your requirements.
  • Date module(s) required for teaching: Type the date you need the module.

Module requirements section 

e. Section 2: Your Details will show your name, ID and email. Complete the remaining options.

  • Will you be the module leader? Select Yes or No.

Your details section

f. In Section 3: Approval, select the individual who authorised your non-credit module. When you submit the NCM Request Form, your authoriser will receive an email requesting approval of the module.

  • Authorisation: Select Learning Technologist or Line Manager.

Approval section

g. Click Submit to send your request for approval. 

h. You will receive an email from the Learning Systems team when your non-credit module is active in MyBeckett.

3. Why hasn't my NCM been created?

When you submit a non-credit module request, the system sends an automated email to your approver for authorisation. This will be your Line Manager or Learning Technologist, depending on who you selected in Section 3 of the NCM request form.

If you are waiting for a non-credit module to be set up, it is possible that your approver has not authorised it yet.

After authorisation, your NCM request goes to the Learning Systems team, who can then create your non-credit module in MyBeckett. You will get an email update from Learning Systems to let you know when your module is active.

4. Why was my NCM request rejected?

If your non-credit module request is rejected, you may not have provided all of the information needed to approve and set up your module.

Another possible reason for rejecting a non-credit module request may be that another tool (such as a Course Group) is more suitable for the purpose you have described. 

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