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Resource List: Advanced features

1. Add a book chapter to a list 

a. Open a resource list and click Add new item, then click book chapter.

b. Search for and select the relevant book, then click add this item. You're asked which chapter you want to list.

c. You must complete the Chapter title field in order for the item to display correctly on the resource list. It's not necessary to complete any other fields, although it may be useful to add the Start page and End page if you can easily find this information.

d. The chapter author field may auto-populate with the name of the book’s author or editor. Amend this if necessary.

e. To request digitisation of the chapter, change the Request scanned copy of this item? option to Yes (from the default setting No) located at the bottom of the page. This sends an email to the Library’s digitisation request inbox.

Request scanned copy drop-down box

f. When you've finished adding information, click Add item.

g. To list an eBook chapter, add the eBook as normal using the Note field to state which specific chapter is being advocated.

2. Add a note to a list

a. Open a resource list and click Add new item, then click Note.

b. You must complete the Note field in order for the item to display correctly on the resource list.

c. When you've finished adding information, click Add item.

3. Add a private note to a list

This is the same procedure to adding a Note as above, instead click Private Note.

This will only display to the editor of the list and cannot be viewed by students or other users.

4. Add an item to multiple lists

a. Add an item to an individual list. Then, select the item so that it's highlighted.

b. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click additional items to select them. Then click the Append selected items to another list button (two documents with a right arrow).

c. Search for the list you want to append the items to, then choose whether or not to retain the any category tags from the current list. You can only search for lists for modules you're enrolled on in MyBeckett.

d. Choose whether to remain viewing the current list or view the list to which items have just been added.

5. Add multiple items to lists

a. Click the tick icon next to an item.

b. Each item you select is highlighted in yellow.

c. To de-select an item, click the cross icon.

d. To add all selected items to a list, click the Add selected items to list button (document on top of another document with a plus symbol), located above the search results:

Important: eBooks and books should be added separately, via their respective item types. Bulk adding both item types at once prevents students from seeing key buttons.

6. Your feedback

Does this guide tell you what you want to know? Please tell us what you think by filling in a What’s Your View? feedback form online, or you can pick up a card from either Library. Please mention Resource List Staff guide in your comments.

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