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Send an Announcement / Email

1. Communicate with a single module / group

a. In the module Control Panel, click Module Tools, then Announcements.
 Create Announcements image 1
b. Click Create Announcement.
Create Announcements image 2
c. Type your Subject and announcement Message. The subject displays to students as the announcement title, so make it an attention grabbing headline!

d. In Web Announcement Options, choose whether the announcement displays permanently on the page or is Date Restricted. All announcements are displayed to students in date order, with the latest at the top.
 Create Announcements image 3
e. You can notify students of the announcement via email. If you're communicating something you want all students to read, we recommend that you tick the Email Announcement box. Emails cannot be date restricted, they'll be sent and received immediately when you click Submit.
 Create Announcements image 4
f. You can link the announcement to module content with Module Link. Click Browse... and choose content.
Create Announcements image 5
g. Click Submit.

2. Communicate with students across multiple Modules or Groups

The Module and Group Communicator, can be used for bulk communication to students across multiple modules and groups. You can choose which ones you want to send to from a list.
a. Click the MyBeckett Tools tab and find the Module and Group Communicator.
b. It contains two communication tools:
• Post Announcement to multiple Modules / Course Groups. You can also send students an email based on the announcement and set a Start and End date. Start and end dates don't apply to emails, just announcements. Emails are sent and received immediately. More info about this tool can be found in section 3 of this page.
• Send Email to multiple Modules / Course Groups. Sends an email to multiple Modules and Course Groups. You can attach files to the email. More info about this tool can be found in section 4 of this page.

3. Post Announcement to multiple Modules / Course Groups

a. You should use this option when you want to contact as many students about a specific thing, via as many different mechanisms as possible. Click it in the Module and Group Communicator.
b. Tick the Modules and / or Course Groups that you want to post an announcement to. You can select both groups and modules, using the button to flip between them.
c. Type a Subject for your announcement (make it attention grabbing), then type your Announcement Message.
d. To set a Start Date or End Date, untick Post Immediately and enter the date. Select a time from the drop-down box.

Important: If you input a Start Date, you won't be able to Email the announcement.
e. If you want the announcement emailed to students, tick the box next to Email Announcement.
f. Click Submit.

4. Send Email to multiple Modules / Course Groups

a. You should use this option when you want to be more specific about the method you use to communicate with students. I.e. if you don't want to place an announcement in the module. Click this option in the Module and Group Communicator.
b. Tick the Modules and / or Course Groups that you want to send an email to. You can select both modules and groups, using the button to flip between them.
c. Choose who to send the email to. You can send to Everyone or a mixture of Instructors, Teaching Assistants, Students, Participants (students on a Course Group), Leaders (Instructors on a Course Group) and Assistants (TAs on a Course Group).

d. We recommend that you tick Send this Email to Myself so that you've got a record of what you sent.
e. Enter a Subject for your email (make it attention grabbing), then type your Email Message.
f. You can attach a file if you want (maximum file size 2Mb). Click the Computer Icon, then click Choose File. Select a file and click Open. You'll see the file name.
g. Click Submit. Your email is sent to all of the user types you selected for every module / course group you ticked.



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