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Test question types

1. Introduction

This guide lists the different types of questions that staff can add to an online test or survey in MyBeckett.

Please note, most question types allow you to include built-in feedback for correct/incorrect responses. The exceptions are essay, file response and short answer questions, which require manual marking.

2. Calculated Formula

The question contains a formula, the variables of which can change for each user. The variable range can be set by specifying a minimum value and a maximum value. You provide criteria from which answer sets are randomly generated. View our guide to calculated formula questions for more details.

3. Calculated Numeric

Requires a numeric answer to a question. Similar to a fill in the blank question.

Calculated numeric example

4. Either / Or

Presents a choice between two possible answers. Options are Yes/No, True/False, Right/Wrong, Agree/Disagree.

Either or example

5. Essay

Students can write a free-form response. You can provide sample answers. An essay question isn't scored automatically. It requires manual marking.

Essay example

6. File Response

Students upload a file from their computer to answer a question. Requires manual marking.

File response example

7. Fill in Multiple Blanks

Students enter missing values in the text at points indicated by text within square brackets e.g. [blank]. Values they enter are compared against the answers.

Fill in multiple blanks example

8. Fill in the Blank

Students must type a single word to match the correct answer/s.

Fill in the blank example

9. Hot Spot

Students click an area of a picture. The correct answer is set by pixel coordinates.

 Hot spot example

10. Jumbled Sentence

Students choose the correct word from a drop-down list of up to 20 to complete a sentence.

Jumbled sentence example

11. Matching

Students must match an item in one column with an item in another column. You can include images.

Matching question example

12. Multiple Answer

Students choose more than one correct answer to a question.

Multiple answer example

13. Multiple Choice

Students pick one correct answer from a selection of answers.

Multiple choice example

14. Opinion Scale / Likert

Primarily used in surveys. Students base their answer on a scale, picking the answer which most reflects their view from a selection e.g. 1 - Very Unlikely to 5 - Very Likely.

Likert example

15. Ordering

Students list items in the correct order e.g. chronological or procedural.

Ordering example

16. Quiz Bowl

Presents an answer and requires the student to enter the question.

Quiz bowl example

17. Short Answer

Students type a free-form response, limited to 1 - 6 rows of text. Requires manual marking.

Short answer example

18. True / False

Students choose whether something is true or false.

True or false example

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