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Upload a file

1. Introduction

This guide is for staff adding content to a module or course group in MyBeckett.

You can upload files to a content area. When uploading files to your module, it's important to consider how many files you need to upload. 

  • If it's more than one file and the files are related in some way, you should create an item and attach the files to the item instead. If you've already uploaded the file/s to the module, you can attach them by finding them in the Content Collection.

Important: If you are planning to upload HTML files with linked content (e.g. images or CSS files), we recommend that you upload these files to the Content Collection and organise them using folders. This will make it easier for you to manage permission settings for the linked files.

2. Upload a file from your desktop to a Content Area

a. Click the name of the content area in which you want to upload a file.

b. Hover your mouse over Build Content and click File.
c. Type the Name of the file. I.e. what you want students to see when they're looking for it.

d. Click Browse My Computer.

e. Find the file you want to upload and click Open.

f. Set the file to Open in New Window by clicking Yes.

g. Select Date and Time Restrictions if necessary.

h. Permit Users to View this Content if you want students to see it immediately by clicking Yes.

i. Set Track Number of Views to Yes.
j. Click Submit.

3. Add a file from the Content Collection

a. Navigate to the content area you want to add content to, hover your mouse over Build Content, then click File. (You can also add files to items and add audio / images / video this way.)
b. Name the content, add a description if needed and click Browse Content Collection.
c. You can Browse through your Content Collection folders, Upload more files directly to the content collection and Search content for files or folders.
d. Select a file using the tick box in the Type column to the left of the icon, then click Submit.
e. Choose your settings, ensure your file is listed under Selected File, then click Submit.
f. The file appears in the content area.


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