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Upload / edit / update multiple files

1. Introduction

This guide explains how to upload multiple files to MyBeckett in one go, saving you time when adding or updating module content.

Note, this process requires installation of Blackboard Drive.

2. What's Blackboard Drive and how do I get it?

Blackboard Drive is a desktop application that allows you to directly connect to the Content Collection in MyBeckett modules in order to upload, edit and remove files quickly and easily. 
Whilst the web interface for MyBeckett only allows you to upload one file at a time, you can use Blackboard Drive to bulk upload files into a module's Content Collection. You can then use these files in different content areas as appropriate.
Use our installation guide to help you get started with Blackboard Drive.

3. Upload files using Blackboard Drive

You can upload files to MyBeckett by dragging and dropping content into your module folder in Blackboard Drive. You need permissions to upload files to some folders. If you don’t have permission, Blackboard Drive will tell you.
Blackboard drive upload and edit image 1
a. Open Blackboard Drive, select MyBeckett, and click Connect.
Connect button
b. Use file explorer to browse your computer and open MyBeckett from your list of network drives. This is the connection you created when installing Blackboard Drive.
MyBeckett link
c.  Open the Courses folder and open the relevant folder for your module. You can copy and paste or drag and drop multiple files into this folder in order to bulk upload content into MyBeckett.
Drag and drop files
d. Files that you upload using Blackboard Drive will appear in the Content Collection for your module. 

e. To view your uploaded files, access the module via the MyBeckett web interface. In the Module Management menu (bottom left), click Content Collection, then click the name of your module.
Content Collection

4. Add uploaded files to a module content area

When you have uploaded files to the Content Collection for your module, you can then add them to a content area (e.g. Week 1 Topic 1).

a. Log into MyBeckett's web interface and navigate to the content area that you want to add content to.

b. Click Build Content, then click File. Note, you can also add audio, images and video this way.
Add file button

c. Type a name for your content, then click Browse Content Collection.
Browse Content Collection button

d. Select a file from the list and click Submit.
Content list

e. Choose your file settings, then click Submit.

f. The file appears at the bottom of the list in your selected content area.


5. Edit files using Blackboard Drive

If you need to make changes to a file that you have uploaded, you can use the steps below to ensure that the xID or permanent URL does not change (more on xIDs and URLs below).
Blackboard drive upload and edit image 2
a. First open Blackboard Drive and check that you are connected to MyBeckett.
b. Use file explorer to open your Blackboard Drive link to MyBeckett.
MyBeckett link
c. Open the Courses folder, then the relevant folder for your module.
d. Open the file you want to edit and make changes as necessary. Save and close the file. 

6. Update files using Blackboard Drive

To update a file stored on Blackboard Drive with a newer version of that file you've saved locally, drag and drop the new version into the same location as the old file and select the option to Copy and Replace.

Important: The file must have exactly the same name as the previous version.
Don't delete the old version from Blackboard Drive and upload the new one, as this will create a brand new xID for the file, meaning any URLs you've sent out (linking to the file) won't work.
Blackboard drive upload and edit image 3

7. What's an xID?

When you upload a file to the content collection, it's assigned an xID (Permanent URL). You can use this to link to the content.

Note, there is a difference between the Permanent URL and Web Folder URL.

  • The Permanent URL always stays the same as long as you follow the steps above to manage stored files.
  • The Web Folder URL is based on the file name. If you rename the file, that URL will change and any existing links to the file will no longer work.
    Blackboard drive upload and edit image 4

You can view these URLs in MyBeckett.

a. In the Module Management menu (bottom left), click Content Collection.

b. Click the name of your module and locate your file in the Content Collection.

c. Click the action link arrow to the right of the file name and click 360 View.

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