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Divide submissions into Sub-groups

1. Introduction

You can divide assignment submissions up using Sub-groups, allowing the marking to be equally shared among tutors.

2. Create a Sub-group

a. In the module Control Panel, click Users and Sub-groups, then click Sub-groups.
b. Hover your mouse over Create to display several different types of Sub-groups. In this scenario, please choose either Random Enrol or Manual Enrol under Sub-group Set. These options are explained below, please read both before deciding which one meets your requirements.

3. Random Enrol

a. Allows you to automatically randomly divide students into Sub-groups. This option is the best option if you don’t care which students are in any specific group, and you just want to divide them quickly and easily.

b. Give the Sub-group a Name (will be applied to all Sub-groups with a numeric suffix e.g. Assignment Submission Group 1) and Description. If you want students to use other Sub-group tools e.g. Blogs, Journals, you’ll need to make sure they are ticked and Sub-Group Visible to Students, is set to Yes.
c. The Membership section allows you to divide the students between Sub-groups.

The first option is to create Sub-groups based on how many you want or how many students you want in each. E.g. if you have 100 students, you could choose to put 4 students in each group, or create 25 groups. The effect is the same – 25 groups with 4 students per group.

The second option determines how to deal with the remaining users that cannot be equally distributed. You can either automatically distribute them to the Sub-groups you have, create a new Sub-group for the remaining users or manually add the students to a Sub-group yourself.
d. Click Submit to create the Sub-groups

4. Manual Enrol

a. Manual Enrol allows you to select which users are in which group. It’s the best option if you want to the power to put specific students together.
b. Give the Sub-group a Name (will be applied to all Sub-groups with a numeric suffix e.g. Assignment Submission Group 1) and Description. If you want to use other Sub-Group tools, you'll need to make sure they're ticked and Sub-Group Visible to Students, is set to Yes.
c. The Sub-group Set Options section at the bottom of the form allows you to choose the number of Sub-groups you want. Click Submit to continue.
d. You’re taken to a page which allows you to assign the users to Sub-groups, click the Add Users button under each of the groups.
e. Tick the box next to the usernames of the students you want to add to this Sub-group, then click Submit.
f. You’ll see the students listed under the Sub-group.
g. Once you’ve manually added the students to the Sub-groups, click Submit. The Sub-groups are created. You can edit the name of each individual Sub-group by clicking the action link (down arrow) next to the Sub-group Name. (NOT the Sub-Group Set, as this will change the name of all Sub-Groups)


5. Create Assignments

Now the Sub-groups are set up, we need to create assignments for each of the groups. If you’re not sure which type of assignment you need to create, please view our assessment and feedback ‘at a glance’ guide.
a. Create an assignment (Turnitin or Blackboard) for each Sub-group you created earlier, giving the assignment a name which tells Staff which they need to mark.
b. When you’ve created the assignments, add an adaptive release to them. Click the action link (arrow) next to the assignment name, and select Adaptive Release.
Important: With Adaptive Release, students only see the assignment they need to submit to. Instructors on the module will still be able to see and access all the assignments listed. It’s important to clearly indicate which assignment the tutor should be marking, in the assignment name. You could also anonymise the assignment submission areas.
c. This opens a form. The Membership section allows you to make the assignment visible to specific users. In the Items to Select box there’s a list of the Sub-groups you created earlier. Click the Sub-group you’re making the assignment visible to, then click the right arrow to move the Sub-group into the Selected Items box.
d. Click Submit to save the adaptive release rule.

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