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Leave feedback for students

1. Introduction

GradeMark is the part of Turnitin that enables you to provide online marks and feedback on student submissions. Students find rich, deep feedback beneficial in improving their achievement. 

GradeMark contains several tools you can use to mark / provide feedback. These are outlined below.

2. What are comments?

They're equivalent to the notes you may write in the margins of a paper. Students read them to understand how your feedback relates to what they've written.

You can create QuickMark comments in the QuickMark Manager or transform a regular comment into a QuickMark. This allows you to create a personalised comment bank to speed up your feedback process.

3. Add a comment to a submission

a. In a module, enter the Submissions Inbox and click the submission you want to mark / provide feedback on.
b. The Document Viewer opens. Click on the paper and enter your feedback text.
c. To make the comment a reusable QuickMark comment, click Save as new Quickmark. Type a title. This title will be displayed on the paper.
d. To arrange your comments into a hierarchy, click the Set drop down menu and choose a set. Click Save to save the comment as a QuickMark.

Important: QuickMark comments not added to a set are located in All in the QuickMark manager.
e. Click Save.
f. The comment is added to the paper.
g. To edit a comment, hover your mouse over it and click Edit. Make changes, then click Save.

h. To move a comment, click the comment and drag it to a new location.

i. To delete a comment, click it. Then click the bin at the top right of the comment.

4. Associate highlighted text with a comment

a. With your mouse, select the text you want to highlight (drag-select or double / triple click).

b. Click anywhere within the highlighted text to open a comment.
c. The comment is placed where the highlighted section of text was clicked. Type a comment into the text field. Select a highlight colour from the 5 options. The default is yellow.
d. Click Save.
e. Comments can be moved away from highlights, but are still associated by a connecting line.
f. To move a comment, click and drag it to a new location, then release.

5. Add inline comments

Inline comments allow instructors to type feedback directly onto a submission.
a. Click the T button (top right of sidebar).
b. Click on the submission to start typing blue text in a grey box. When finished, click elsewhere on the submission. To edit an inline comment, click on the comment text, and make changes.
c. To delete an inline comment, move your mouse over it, then click the bin icon above it. You can recover deleted comments by clicking the Undo button at the bottom of the document viewer.


6. Add a general comment

You can write a general comment on a submission. This allows for longer, less specific feedback to be provided to the author.
a. Click the speech bubble icon at the bottom of the GradeMark sidebar.
b. Click the pencil icon or within the text field.
c. Type the comment in the text field.
d. Click Save.

Important: General text comments are part of the printable version of GradeMark for students.

7. Audio feedback

You can leave audio feedback on a student submission as long as you have a microphone plugged into your computer (a Skype headset is perfect).

a. Click the General Comments icon at the bottom of the GradeMark sidebar.
b. Click the microphone button to begin recording.
Important: an Adobe Flash player settings pop-up appears, asking for permission to allow Turnitin to use the microphone. Click Allow and Remember. If you're using Google Chrome, your browser also asks for permission to use the microphone. This appears at the top of the screen, near the address (URL) bar. Click Allow.
c. You can click Pause if you want thinking time, then click Resume. When you've finished recording, click the Stop button.
Important: You can leave up to three minutes of audio feedback. The length of the recording is noted in the top right corner.
d. To play back the recording before saving it, click the Play button.

e. To save the recording, click the Save icon (up arrow).

f. To re-record, delete the current recording by clicking the bin icon. Then repeat steps b - e.

8. Rubrics

Please view our Rubric guides.

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