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Manage late submissions, extensions and mitigation

1. Introduction

This guide helps you to manage late submissions, extensions and mitigation in the Turnitin assignments in your module. It demonstrates that by choosing appropriate settings and creating a minimum of two submissions inboxes, you can reduce the amount of manual intervention required in and around deadlines.

The aim being that it’s easier for staff to manage, easier for students to submit to the appropriate place, and it supports our Academic Regulations.

2. Academic Regulations

  • Section 3.10-3.11 Students, including those with extensions, may submit up to 10 days late (penalties apply)
  • Section 8 Students may apply for extension / mitigation and supply evidence.
  • Extension / mitigation provision may vary across the University. Students should be notified of School arrangements.
  • A named person approves / doesn’t approve and students can submit up to the new deadline.
  • Typical extensions are 5 working days, which equates to 7 days including a weekend. E.g. if the deadline is 9am Monday morning, extended deadline will be 9am the following Monday morning.
  • Section 10 Students are informed about Academic Integrity: Plagiarism, cheating & other unfair practice.
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3. Method of supporting the regulations in Turnitin

  • Multiple dropboxes with different due dates and Allow Late Submissions set to Yes.
  • This process is informed by the regulations (above) and Turnitin capabilities.

4. What do staff need to do?

  • Create one Turnitin assignment per submission scenario.
  • Standard submission and re-submission dropboxes should be created for every assignment requiring Turnitin.
  • Standard submission dropboxes should be set to allow multiple drafts. View guidance.
  • Additional dropboxes may be required locally and these should use the same settings

5. What do students need to know?

  • Where to get academic and technical help with their assignment.
  • For the first 4 submissions that a student makes to a Turnitin assignment, the similarity/originality report should come through within an hour or so. For any further submissions, it will take at least 24 hours to generate. This info helps to manage their expectations / concerns.
  • If students submit to a Dropbox earlier than the due date, the submission is retained until they overwrite it. If they forget to submit again before the due date, that submission goes forward. I.e. the last submission in the Dropbox at the due date/time is counted as their final submission.

6. Sample workflow

  • LATE SUBMISSIONS must be set to YES for all dropboxes
  • All extension / mitigation dropboxes should be adaptively released to ONLY those students with extension / mitigation approval. Information about setting this up is available in our Adaptive Release guide.

7. Benefits of this approach

  • Long term: Less time intensive for staff
  • Late / re-submissions have clearly labelled submission inboxes and Grade Centre columns. It’s obvious those submissions require attention.
  • Adaptive release means that only those with extensions / mitigation can see specific dropbox/es.
  • If optimum settings are used, staff cannot accidentally breach University policy.

8. Summary

  • This method flexibly meets multiple changeable scenarios. While it requires a little more time in the setup phase, this can be front loaded so that setup is completed before teaching starts.
  • Setup time is ‘earned back’ by ensuring your processes are able to cope with late / re-submitters. Manual intervention at a late stage is often urgent and places demands on the time of academic staff.

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