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1. Introduction

After you have set up a new meeting, you can use this guide to use breakout rooms. Breakout rooms are used to split attendees into sub groups. The host can give the groups access to the tools.

2. Add a new breakout room

a. After opening the webinar, select the Breakout Room View in the Attendee Pod to use Breakout Rooms.

 Breakout Rooms, Adobe Connect, Participants

The default amount of breakout rooms created is three.

b. To add a new breakout room, select the Create A New Breakout Room icon ('+' button).

Add Breakout, Adobe Connect, Breakout Rooms

This should create a new breakout room for you to use. 

Breakout Room 4

3. Add participants to a breakout room

There are two options that hosts can use to add users to a breakout room, the first is using the 'Evenly Distribute' option and the second involves manually adding users. 

To Evenly Distribute the participants, select Evenly Distribute From Main.

evenly distribute, breakout rooms, Adobe Connect, Attendees Pod

This should add the participants to the breakout rooms at random.

To manually add the participants to the rooms, hover over the user and select the Breakout Room that you would like the user to access or you can drag and drop the user to the room.

Add participants, Adobe Connect, Breakout Rooms, Attendee Pod

4. How to start a breakout room?

To start a breakout room, select 'Start Breakouts'.

Start Breakouts, Attendee Pod, Breakout Rooms

A message will appear in the top right after you have started a Breakout Room.

Breakout Message, Breakout Rooms, Attendee Pod, Adobe Connect

When a breakout room has started, all the Attendees roles change from participant to presenter. This will allow them to use the pods and functionality within Adobe Connect.

5. How to broadcast a message?

To broadcast a message, select Pod Options and then Broadcast Message.

Pod Options, Adobe Connect, Attendees Pod

Type the message and select send.

Adobe Connect, Breakout Rooms, Broadcast Message

You can also broadcast a message by selecting Broadcast Message in the top right corner.

Breakout Message, Breakout Rooms, Attendee Pod, Adobe Connect

6. End breakout rooms

There are two ways that breakout rooms can end.

Click End Breakouts on the Breakouts message.

Breakout Message, Breakout Rooms, Attendee Pod, Adobe Connect

Select End Breakouts option on the Attendees Pod.

End Breakouts, Adobe Connect, Breakout Rooms, Attendee Pod

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