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Before a session

a. We recommend that you use Google Chrome web browser for sessions.
Make sure you prepare your layouts.
c. Select the pods that you require for the session and hide the pods you do not require.
d. Make sure you complete Audio Setup Wizard.
e. Load any websites or programs that you would like to share (please don't share your screen for videos - send the link).
f. Close any programs or web browsers that you don't need.
g. Login as a participant using another web browser to view the participant side of the meeting.
h. Advise your students to arrive five minutes early so that they can test their microphone and webcam settings. 

During a session

a.  If you want to record the session, make sure you select Record Meeting in the Meeting tab.
b.  Enable microphone rights for participants.

After a session

a. Wait until all participants have left before closing the meeting.
b.  If you are using the meeting again - make sure you undo any changes that you made during the session so it's ready for next time. 

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