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Prepare your meeting space

1. Introduction

After you have set up a meeting in Adobe Connect, use this guide to prepare your online session. 

2. What are pods and layouts?


Adobe Connect meeting spaces contain boxes, known as pods. Each pod provides different functionality, such as a chat pod, sharing whiteboard, webcam, or list of attendees.

Video pod

You can change the arrangement of these pods using layout templates.

Layout templates

Layout templates allow you to quickly change the set up of your online meeting space. You can choose a template from the panel on the right. By default, new Adobe Connect meeting spaces are set up with the Sharing layout.

  • Sharing layout: ideal for sharing content such as PowerPoint slides.
  • Discussion layout: focused around discussion notes and polls.
  • Collaboration layout: good for participation, such as annotating content.

Layout thumbnails

3. Create a new layout

If you don't want to use an existing layout template, you can create your own.

a.  Click Layouts from the menu at the top of the meeting space.

Layout option

b. Click Create New Layout.

Create New Layout option

c. You can select whether you want to create a new blank layout, or duplicate an existing layout. Type a meaningful name for your layout.

Name your layout

d. The new layout template will appear in the list of thumbnails on the right.

New layout thumbnail

e.  To add a pod, click Pods from the menu at the top.

Layout option

f. You can select a pod from the drop-down menu.

Note: if the pod name has an arrow next to it, this means that more than one option is available in that category. For example, the Share category contains a Share box (for sharing your screen, a document, or a whiteboard), and a dedicated Whiteboard box.

Share options

g. To remove a pod, click Pods from the menu at the top. Pods included in the current layout are ticked. Click a pod from the list to untick it so it no longer appears in the layout template.

h. To move a pod, click and drag the header bar at the top of the pod.

i. To resize a pod, hover your cursor over the edge of the pod. When your cursor changes to a double-headed arrow, you can click and drag to resize the box.

j. Each pod also has a menu icon at the top right that you can use to make changes.

4. Prepare meeting content

You can add meeting content in advance of your session. 

Find out more about specific content types in our guides:

5. Set up your audio

Use our guide to setting up your audio to prepare in advance of your meeting.

If you want attendees to be able to speak during the session, you will need to enable that functionality for the meeting.

a. Click Audio from the menu at the top.


b. Click Microphone rights for participants from the drop-down menu.

Microphone Rights

Note, this can get confusing in large meetings. You may wish to use the Chat pod instead.

6. Record your meeting

Think about whether you would like to record your meeting. This gives you the option of sharing the recording for people who were unable to attend, or for those who want to watch it again.

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