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Set up an online meeting

1. Introduction

This guide is for staff with an Adobe Connect meeting hosting account. It provides information about creating a new online meeting space.

Leeds Beckett University has a total of 100 host license's available, only the host of the meeting needs a licence.

These are limited and the University has the right to recall them if they are not used but it is not essential for all users of Adobe Connect to have a licence. If you require a licence then please contact Digital Learning. 

Note, once you create a meeting space using Adobe Connect, it will exist at the same URL until you choose to delete it. This means you can reuse the space for future sessions. You can leave the meeting space open or closed between scheduled meetings. If you leave the room open, attendees can enter at any time to view content.

If you reuse a meeting that contained a chat pod, it will remain in the meeting and be visible upon re-entering.

2. Set up a meeting

a. Go to in your web browser. Log in with your Adobe Connect username and password. If you don’t have an account, please see our guide for help.

Login Adobe Connect

b. On the Home tab, click the Create button at the top right, then Meeting.

Create meeting

c. Type a meeting Name.


d. You can give the meeting a Custom URL (web address). This is optional but easier for students to remember. We recommend typing something short that reflects the nature of the session.

e. Add a meeting Summary

Meeting Setup summary box

f. Start Time: Select the date and time of the meeting.

g. Duration : Select an approximate length for the meeting. This does not need to be exact, it does not affect the meeting if you overrun.

h. Leave the selected Template as it is.

Select Template

i. Leave the selected Language as English.

j. Important: If you want students to attend your meeting, you must select the third option in the Access settings. This allows anyone who has the meeting URL to enter the session.

Access options

k. Do not select the option to Enable HTML client for participants


l. Please don't change the Audio Conference Settings.

Audio settings

m. Click Finish

n. Now you'll see some Meeting Information. Copy the URL to send it to your students (we suggest you send this via MyBeckett module email).

o. Click Enter Meeting Room to test your meeting and start preparing your layout.

Meeting information

3. Invite attendees

If you forget the URL of your meeting, you can retrieve this by logging in to Adobe Connect. Attendees do not need an Adobe Connect account, they just need to paste the meeting URL into the address bar of their browser.

a. Go to in your web browser. Log in with your Adobe Connect username and password.

b. Click Home from the menu at the top.

Meetings button

c. Click the name of your meeting from the list. This will open your meeting information in the panel on the right.

d. Copy the URL from the meeting information.

Link for Adobe Connect Meeting

e. Send the URL to anyone you want to attend the meeting.

4. Hosts, presenters and attendees

There are three roles available within Adobe Connect meetings:

  • Hosts: By default, if you create an Adobe Connect meeting, you will be added as a host for that meeting. Hosts have full permission to manage the meeting, which includes adding content, preparing meeting layouts and breakout rooms and changing the permissions of attendees.
  • Presenters: During a meeting, a host can promote a participant to the role of presenter if required. Presenters can share content that a host has added to the meeting, or share content directly from their computer. Presenters can also share their screen, and broadcast live audio and video.
  • Participants: This is the default permission for anyone who access your meeting via the URL that you provide. Participants can view the content that hosts or presenters have shared, and engage with interactive tools such as chat panes and whiteboards.

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