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1. Introduction

We recommend that you check your audio setup for Adobe Connect meetings before the meeting is due to start. If possible, find a headset microphone that you can use. A wired connection is also more reliable than connecting wirelessly.

2. Audio setup

Plug in your microphone before you access Adobe Connect.

a. Enter your online meeting. If prompted to give Adobe Connect microphone access, click Allow

Allow microphone access

b. Click Meeting from the menu at the top.

 Audio setup image 1

c. Click Audio Setup Wizard... from the drop-down menu.


  Audio setup image 2

d. The Audio Setup Wizard will open. Click Next.

 Audio setup image 3

e. Follow the on-screen instructions to test your audio equipment.

  • Test Sound Output: Click Play Sound. If you can't hear any music, click Help.
  • Select Microphone: Use the drop-down list to choose a microphone. 
  • Tune Microphone Volume: Click Record and read the sentence provided by the wizard. Click Stop when you have finished, then click Play Recording to listen to your recording.
  • Tune Silence Level: Make sure you are in a quiet place, then click Test Silence. Remain silent until the progress bar is complete.

f. When finished, the wizard will say if it was successful and give you some microphone information. Click Finish to exit the wizard, or Help to solve any problems.

 Audio setup image 4

3. Audio problems

If you experience problems with audio when using Adobe Connect:

Access Adobe Connect via a wired connection

We recommend that you access online meetings via a wired internet connection. This should help if you have experienced problems with your audio cutting in and out. 

Check your browser settings

In Chrome, click the camera icon at the top right of the browser window (this may be at the right of the address bar, or just below the close browser icon). Click Always allow... and then click Done. You may need to close the meeting, then open it again.

Allow microphone message

Make sure your microphone is plugged in before joining a meeting

If not, you may need to leave and rejoin the meeting.

Check that you have selected the correct microphone

You may need to repeat the Audio Setup Wizard and choose a different microphone from the list.

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