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Academic Integrity Tutorial

The Academic Integrity Tutorial

The Academic Integrity tutorial is part of the default menu and for all students to access within each module, it underlines our commitment at Leeds Beckett University to Academic Integrity (AI), it also provides:

  • Resources tailored to the needs of LBU students – specific to our ethos and processes
  • A single, standardised source of information, reducing possible confusion for users
  • More efficient updates, with changes made quickly at one central point
  • Centralised data with analytics to inform future course development and student support

Using the tutorial with your students

The tutorial is designed to be versatile, it can be used as a stand-alone resource or as part of a wider activity and takes 50 minutes to complete.

Students can work through the material at their own pace or the activities can be tutor led. The tutorial will be available to students throughout their time at the University, providing supporting resources at every stage of their work. 

Some Schools have already developed their own standardised approach.  To find out more about how the tutorial may be used, it is recommended that you contact your School Academic Integrity Lead.  A list by schools and the LBU Academic Integrity Policy can be found on the Academic Integrity and Originality page.

Analytics and review

Since the tutorial is a single centralised module all user data is stored in one database.  MyBeckett’s analytic tools can generate ‘usage and performance’ reports from that data. These can include indicators such as time spent using the module, how many times items were viewed and the review quiz scores. Contact the Digital Learning Team to arrange for a report to be generated.

Enrolling on the tutorial

A Content Area link is added to every module created on MyBeckett on the left side-bar menu, in the student help and support section. It looks like this.

Academic Integrity Access via in the Content Area in MyBeckett

There may also be a direct link to the Academic Integrity and Originality Page. This does not appear in every module so don’t worry if you don’t see it.

Clicking on this link launches the Academic Integrity module.

Be aware that this is a separate module. It will start in a new browser tab or window, not inside the current teaching module.  Students need to be made aware of this to avoid confusion when they are navigating through MyBeckett – especially when using a mobile device.

The opening screen of the Academic Integrity module looks like this.

Academic Integrity video and introduction page

Users can see the left side-bar menu and the contents of the tutorial from here.  There are instructions on screen. Scrolling down reveals this.

Academic Integrity Enrol on the module button 

The Enrol button is on the left side-bar menu – at the bottom of the module content buttons.

Clicking on this Enrol button adds the user to the full module. 

Once this is done then the user is added to the Academic Integrity Tutorial Module.  The module link will disappear from their standard learning module menu, and the new Academic Integrity module will appear on their My Beckett home page. Their activity within the module will be recorded – including any quiz scores.

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Page last updated: 15/04/2020

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