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1. Add a contact list to the navigation menu

You can create and store tutor / support contact details for students within a module / group.
a. Hover your mouse over the plus icon (top left of navigation menu).
b. Click Tool Link.
 Contact tools Tool link image 1
c. Type a Name e.g. Module Contacts. For the Type, choose Contacts from the drop-down list. To make it visible immediately, tick the box next to Available to Users. Click Submit. 
Contact tools Tool link image 2
d. The Contacts tool link is created. You now have two options: Create Folder and Create Contact.

Create Folder is probably unnecessary unless you have a lot of contacts to organise. Instead, click Create Contact.
Contact tools create contact image 1
e. Type the contact's Profile Information. It's all optional except the Email address - you have to enter this in order to create the contact. It’s good practice to fill in a Name and Work Phone number too, particularly for service contacts e.g. course admin team.
Contact tools create contact image 2
f. In the Options section, Make the Profile Available so that students can see it. You can add an Image if you want students to put a face to the name (make sure you secure permission from the contact if it's not you in the photo). When ready, click Submit.
Contact tools create contact image 3
g. Your contact is added to the Contacts tool.
Contact tools contacts image 1

2. Optional: Add a contact list to a content area

a. Optional: You can add contacts to module content areas so that students can access the Contacts tool from multiple locations. In a Content Area, hover your mouse over Tools, click More Tools, then click Contacts.
Contact tools contacts image 2
b. Type a Name and description and make it Available by clicking Yes if you want students to see it. Click Submit.
Contact tools contacts image 3
c. It's now in your content area. Click it to view the contact you created in section 1.

Contact tools contacts image 4 

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Page last updated: 10/10/2018

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