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1. Introduction

You can embed a YouTube video in a module content area so students can watch it without leaving the module. The steps are different depending on whether the YouTube video is public or unlisted.

2. Embed a public YouTube video in a module 

a. Enter a content area.

b. Hover your mouse over Build Content and click YouTube Video.

Build Content- YouTube Video

c. If you know the title of the video, type it in the Search box, or use keywords to search for relevant videos. Click Go.

Search directly in YouTube via MyBeckett Content Builder

d. A list of search results is returned, change the settings to show different results by the uploaded date and relevance.

e. Click the Select button below the large icon representing the relevant video to choose it.

f. Edit the description if necessary.

g. In the Mash-up Options, you can choose how your video is displayed to students. Choose Embed Video as it plays directly within the content area allowing students to watch the video within MyBeckett.

Embed video to play within MyBeckett (compatible with all devices)

h. Enter Date and Time Restrictions if needed, then Submit.

3. Embed an unlisted YouTube video in a module

a. Right-click on your unlisted YouTube video, (Read the guide on uploading to YouTube) and click Copy embed code.

b. In a content area, hover your mouse over Build Content and click Web Link.

c. You'll see the settings for your Web Link. In the Description section, click the HTML button and paste (CTRL + V, on the keyboard or right mouse click > Paste) the code into the window, then click Update.

HTML button

d. In a different tab, go back to your YouTube video and copy the video URL.

e. Return to the Web Link settings in MyBeckett and paste the link into the URL box.

URL box

f. Give the Web Link a Name, make it available to students and click Submit.

g. The video is now visible in the content area.

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