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Adding journal articles to MyBeckett

Am I allowed to mount a journal article from an electronic source within MyBeckett?

It is possible to download a journal article and mount it within MyBeckett if the journal’s licensing allows it.

Unlike photocopying, Leeds Beckett University has no single licence in place to allow copying and pasting of electronic journal articles into a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as MyBeckett.

Some publishers allow parts of their electronic journals to be copied under the terms of the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) licence. For further information contact

The majority of electronic journals are available to access because Libraries and Learning Innovation (LLI) pays a subscription to an electronic journal provider who permits access under specific terms and conditions, or a licence.

There are several open access journals, freely available on the web, but these may still have accompanying terms and conditions.

You will need to check the terms and conditions, or licence, for each individual electronic journal provider before proceeding.

Some publishers allow free access to their full text journals after a certain period of time, such as one year after publication. For example, a useful list of free medical journals is available at:

Who is the electronic journal provider?

LLI subscribes to many journal packages hosted by a variety of electronic journal providers, for example EBSCO, Emerald, Science Direct and Sage Journals Online.

To check whether you are allowed to upload a journal article to MyBeckett, you first need to know who is providing access to that journal. Some journals may be hosted by more than one database or provider:

For example, Journal of Intellectual Disability Research can be accessed via Academic Search Complete or CINAHL Complete (both EBSCO hosted databases) or Wiley Online Library.

The holdings from each journal provider may be different and each will have its own separate licence.

How do I find out this information ?

All electronic journal titles are listed in the Ejournal A-Z list via the Resources section of the Library website, or on Discover.

In the Ejournals A-Z list, the title of the journal is followed by the holdings information, indicating which provider or database is hosting the journal, as well as the coverage.

For example:

Journal of aging and physical activity is available via SPORTDiscus with Full Text 1997 - present.

Where a journal is available from more than one provider or database, all these will be listed but the coverage may vary between them.

Journal subscriptions are often changing so a provider or the holdings coverage may alter over time. The Ejournal A-Z list is an accurate reflection of the current status of our subscriptions.

What is allowed?

Some electronic journal providers display their terms and conditions on their site.
The University will have also signed a User Agreement or licence.

Contact the Copyright Clearance Service for advice, 0113 812 7472

Licences are frequently renewed and their terms may change. The current terms and conditions of a sample of online providers are set out below but be aware that these may change in the future.

Brill Journal Archive Online, Cambridge Journals Online, Emerald, IOP Journal Archive Collection 1874-1998, Sage Journals Online, Science Direct, Springer Link and Wiley Online Library

Staff can incorporate extracts from these databases into printed or electronic course packs for teaching students at the University. This is not limited to a particular medium and can include teaching materials on CD, or through authenticated access to a VLE (MyBeckett) or an intranet. Each item must carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source and the material should be deleted when no longer required.

EBSCO (including Academic Search Complete, Business Source Premier and CINAHL Complete), Lexis Library and Taylor & Francis Online

Articles retrieved from these databases may not be placed on any other network without permission. In some cases, the individual journal publishers must be contacted for permission.

Some journal publishers may be covered by the CLA Licence – contact for more information.

Harvard Business Review

Articles are for private individual use. The journal is not intended for use as assigned course material and its content cannot be included in VLEs, electronic reserves, electronic course packs, via persistent linking or by any other means of incorporating the content into course resources.

What about linking to the journal?

Where it is not permitted to mount a journal article in MyBeckett, it may be possible to provide article level linking instead (except Harvard Business Review).

Most electronic journal providers will allow you to link to an item hosted on their database provided that any login procedures are not bypassed.

The majority of electronic journals do not require a login to access from on campus, however, from off-campus you will be directed to the Leeds Beckett login page where you need to enter your standard Leeds Beckett Username and Password. (This is the username/password that you use to log in to MyBeckett and University PCs).

*Occasionally, a special username and password is required to login, in order to gain full access on or off-campus. Click on the Password Required icon to retrieve this.

Many journal sites provide guidance on creating links using a stable link, such as a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), OpenURL or Persistent Link. These links may work on campus, but will not be recognised when accessing from off-campus.

It is unwise to simply copy the URL in the Address bar at the top of your screen as in some cases this might be specific to that particular session and will not work as a link for future sessions.

A quick method of finding a stable link to an online article is via the Library search engine, Discover.

Enter the article title in the Discover search box on the Library website to locate the article. The accuracy of your search will be improved by enclosing the title in quotation marks and selecting a Title rather than Keyword search.

If the article appears in the list of returned results (it may not be top of the list), click on the title to expand the Detailed Record.

In the list of Tools displayed in the right hand menu, select Permalink.

A stable Permalink will then appear above the article record and can be copied in order to create a stable link to that page. The full text article is accessed by clicking on the PDF symbol, or selecting Check for Full Text through Leeds Beckett.

Some resources are not searchable via Discover. If the Library has a current subscription but the article cannot be located via Discover, it is still possible to manually create a link by following this formula:

First use the base URL

To create a targeted search, you then need to add the following details:

For example, an article available via EBSCO:

Freitag, Frederick (2003) Preventative Treatment for Migraine and Tension-Type Headaches. CNS Drugs, 17 (6): 373-382. ISSN 1172-7047

This type of link will connect to the article via the Full Text Finder, displaying all options for connecting to the article. You will need to select “Find this article in full text from…” then click on the PDF symbol or equivalent to view the full text. If off-campus, you may be prompted to login with your Username and Password first.

What about adding articles to an online reading list?

A simple way of providing access to journal articles is to add them to a module’s online reading list.

Articles must be first added as a "bookmarks" in your account within the Online Reading List system (Talis Aspire). Once you have added resources into your bookmarks, you will be able to use them to create and edit your reading lists.

Contact your Academic Librarian for help and advice.

Guidelines on creating and editing online reading lists are also available on our staff help pages.

What about scanning from print journals?

Except under certain exceptions such as for private study, this can only be done with permission from the journal publishers or under licence.

This includes scanning print articles to place in MyBeckett or on another network, or for distribution via a CD, USB or email.

To enable the scanning of print articles for teaching, the University has signed a licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) which permits scanning by the Libraries and Learning Innovation (LLI) Digitisation Service from print journals held by the Library, under certain terms and conditions.

Contact the Digitisation Service on 0113 812 7472 or email for further information.

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Contact the Digitisation Service

0113 812 7472
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