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BAME Publishers and Book Lists

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2. BAME publishers and book lists

Publisher Information Subject area
Africa World Press

Literature on the history, culture, politics of Africa and the African diaspora.

Cultural Studies & Humanities, Social Sciences

African Books Collective

African owned, worldwide marketing and distribution outlet for books from Africa - scholarly, literature and children's books.

Art,Business, Cultural Studies & Humanities, Education, Law, Social Sciences


Bespoke publisher specialising in African and Caribbean writing (both fiction and non-fiction), written by BAME authors.

Cultural Studies and Humanities, Social Sciences, Education

Black Classic Press

Publisher specialising in obscure and significant works written by, and about, people of African descent.

Art, Cultural Studies & Humanities, Social Sciences

Book Love

An award winning collective, aiming to curate and showcase “the best multicultural content the world of arts has to offer”, and take it on tour.

Art, Cultural Studies & Humanities,  Education, Health & Community Studies,  Social Sciences

Booktrust Black History Month



Book list of 29 historical stories from Black History around the world. From picture books to teen novels, it spans fiction and non-fiction.


Booktrust Black Lives Matter Book list of top books that examine the structural oppression experienced by the Black community, aimed at inspiring and empowering young children to talk about anti-racism. Education
Booktrust Represents: Picture books

3 book lists produced from a three-year project created to promote children’s authors and illustrators of colour.

Breaking New Ground Celebrating British writers and illustrators of colour. Education
Duke University Press

This publisher's mission is to advance the frontiers of knowledge and contribute to the international community of scholarship.

All subjects
Ethiopian Journals Online

Peer reviewed, open access journals in Ethiopia.

All subjects

Hansib Publications UK-based publisher of a wide range of books that cater for Britain's African-Caribbean & Indo-Caribbean communities, and also for the various countries of the English-speaking Caribbean. All with a culturally Caribbean interest, both historical and contemporary.

Cultural Studies & Humanities

Hashtag Press Publisher featuring books with strong female characters, diversity and inclusion. Hashtag BLAK section of website(currently under development)will feature under-represented voices starting with Black British authors.

Business, Health & Community Studies

Hurst Publishers London-based, independent, non-fiction publisher, producing 90 new books a year.

Cultural Studies & Humanities,  Social Sciences

Icon Books

Independent publisher specialising in non-fiction for a general audience.

All subjects

Influx Press

Independent publisher based in north London. Publishing innovative and challenging fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction from across the UK and beyond.

All subjects
Lantana Publishing Publishing inclusive children’s books that celebrate our differences. Education
Mary Martin

Broad catalogue of over 690,000 books, 164 countries, in 127 languages. This publisher also lists journal subscriptions.

Mipp International

Serving libraries, dealers and individual scholars providing the full range of publications from Post-Soviet area (NIS), China, Romania, and Mongolia.This publisher offers expertise in building the best Slavic, Central Asian, or Caucasian collections.

Art, Cultural Studies & Humanities, Social Sciences

New Beacon Books

Specialists in African and Caribbean Literature since 1966. Non-fiction African, African American, Black British, Caribbean, sport, self help/Wellbeing.

Cultural Studies & Humanities
NYU Press

Working across the humanities and social sciences, this publisher has award-winning lists in sociology, law, cultural and American studies, religion, American history, anthropology, politics, criminology, media and communication, literary studies, and psychology. Their key themes include race, ethnicity, gender, and youth studies.

All subjects

Pages of Hackney Sell an eclectic mix of books in the areas of literary fiction, politics, feminism, essays and life writing as well as philosophy, psychology, nature writing, music and children’s books. They aim to give a platform to marginalised voices in publishing.

Art,Cultural Studies & Humanities, Social Sciences

Peepal Tree Press

Aims to bring you the very best of international writing from the Caribbean, its diasporas and the UK.

Art,Cultural Studies & Humanities, Social Sciences

Springer - Black Lives Matter

Freely available collection of content relevant to some of the issues that have led to the use of the statement Black Lives Matter.The publisher hopes this collection will help readers gain from research insights, not least in the history and social science of racism and police violence and they have sought to amplify Black voices within their collection by sharing their research, personal stories and journey.Topics covered include: social inequality and systemic racism, policing race and civil unrest, gender, racism and oppression, health disparities, stories from Black women in research.

All subjects
Wits University Press This publisher champions knowledge from and about Africa to local and global readers.

Art, Built Environment, Engineering & Computing, Cultural Studies & Humanities, Education, Health & Community Studies, Social Sciences

Zed Books

A catalogue of 2,000 titles- from general special interest to highly specialised scholarly research. These include books by oppressed elements of ‘Western’ society with books on race and race politics, LGBTQIA+ culture and politics, feminism and human rights.

Built Environment, Engineering & Computing, Business, Cultural Studies & Humanities, Education, Health & Community Studies, Social Sciences

50 diversity books A PDF of ‘TES’s 50 books to diversify your class reading list.’ The list is divided into age ranges, from toddler to 14-18-year olds. Education

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