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Blackboard Annotate further info

1. Annotate toolbar in detail

part one main toolbar

part two main toolbar

Toolbars as shown with labels describing the functions

2. Adding comments part two


Another way of adding a text comment (as opposed to drawing a text box) is by adding a comment which appears as a speech bubble.

Click on the Comment icon and click on the essay in the place you’d like it to appear:

Comment adding

Type in your comment and click Save button to add:

Comment speech bubble and text area screen

Delete a comment edit a comment etc.

The comment is now in but if you want to delete it click on bin icon in the text area:


Comment added plus delete bin


All the comments made are listed on the right-hand side and to activate them to either edit or delete them, click on the yellow bubble in essay:

Comments listed in right hand side

3. Page view choices

Thumbnails Outline Annotations menu

The Thumbnails icon at the extreme left of the tool bar will give you the options to see the page annotations, page outline or the essay in thumbnails view (i.e. a series of small pages in a left-hand menu).

Click the downward-pointing arrow by the icon to expand the menu:


Choosing Thumbnails as above gives you the following view:

Thumbnails view


Choosing Annotations gives you the following information in the left-hand side:

annotations menu view


Comments inserted do not appear here in the list as annotations, however.

Maximise view

You can maximise your screen area by clicking on the 4-arrow icon in the top right-hand corner:



Maximised view

maximised view




Fit page menu

The default view is on the Fit page view.

You can change this by clicking the arrow to expand the Fit page menu. To get the most out of these choices it’s recommended that you Maximise the view as above:


Fit width view

fit width view

You can search for a word/expression etc. within the essay body using the plain magnifying glass search tool:

It will display all the instances of the search term entered.

5. Download assignments

Clicking the download icon on the toolbar will download the assignment as a PDF:

download icon


It preserves all the annotations added whilst in Bb Annotate:

downloaded essay PDF


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