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Bulk download assignments

1. Bulk download Blackboard assignments

You can quickly download all student submissions made to a Blackboard assignment in the same format they were submitted e.g. docx, pdf.

a. Turn Edit Mode ON and scroll down to the module Control Panel.

 Bulk assignment download image 1

b. Click Grade Centre, then click Full Grade Centre.

 Bulk assignment download image 2

c. In Grade Centre window, find the column title that corresponds to the assignment name. You may need to use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the table to scroll left / right to find it.

 Bulk assignment download image 3

d. Click the action link (circle with a down arrow) next to the assignment column title and click Assignment File Download.

 Bulk assignment download image 4

e. Under Select Users, tick the boxes to select student submissions you want to download or click the top tick box to select all available submissions.

f. Under Select Files, either keep the default (Last attempt file) or, if you have allowed multiple attempts and need to download them all, select All attempt files, then click Submit.

 Bulk assignment download image 6

g. All of the submission files are packaged into a zip file. Click Download assignments now.

 Bulk assignment download image 7

h. The file appears in your computer's Downloads folder as a zip file. To unzip it, right click it, then click Extract all… Select the extraction destination and click Extract. The assignments appear in the extracted folder.

 Bulk assignment download image 8

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Page last updated: 24/04/2017

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