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Content Collection

1. Introduction

When you upload a file to MyBeckett, it is stored in an area called the Content Collection. This guide provides information for staff about uploading, editing, updating and organising files in this area.

Important: If you are planning to upload HTML files with linked content (e.g. images or CSS files), we recommend that you organise these files using folders. This will make it easier for you to manage permission settings for the linked files.

2. Upload files to MyBeckett's Content Collection

If you have a lot of files to upload, or a few files to upload regularly, you can do this more easily using WebDAV. If it's just one or two files:
a. In MyBeckett, click the Files tab
Files Tab MyBeckett

b. At the top left (just under the tabs) click Content Collection.

Content Collection MyBeckett

c. Find your preferred upload location (it's best to upload to Module Content) in the left navigation menu.

e. Hover your mouse over Upload and click Upload Files.

Upload file, Content Collection, MyBeckett

f. Click Browse My Computer and find the file you want to upload.

Upload File option, Content Collection,  MyBeckett

g. Click Open to upload.

h. Leave the option If selected, the system automatically overwrites the existing file with the same name.

i. Select any of the other options relevant to your file. (NB: We do not recommend selecting Enable Versioning)

j. Click Submit.

3. Update a file stored in the Content Collection

To update a file stored in the Content Collection with a newer version of the file you've saved locally:

a. Locate the file in the Content Collection in MyBeckett.

b. Click the arrow to the right of the file Name, then click Overwrite File.

Content collection overwrite content image 1

c. Click Browse My Computer, find the new version on your local drive and click Open

d. Click Submit.

4. Organise files in the Content Collection using folders

a. In the Module Management menu at the bottom left, click Content Collection.

Module Management, MyBeckett

b. Click the first link in the expanded list, for your module.

c. Click Create Folder.

Create Folder. Module Management, MyBeckett

d. Type a name for your new folder, then click Submit.

Folder Name, MyBeckett

e. Click the name of the new folder.

f. To upload a new content item to the folder, click Upload, then Upload Files. At the top right, click Single File. You can then choose a file from your computer, select options for the file and click Submit.

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