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Copy content: Group to group

1. Introduction

You can copy as much of a course group's content as you like to another group where you're the Leader.

To begin: You must start in the group you're copying from.

On completion: you will receive an email when the copy is completed, (you will not be able to see imported content immediately). Don't begin the process again - you'll get duplicates of everything!

2. Copy content

a. In the Control Panel, click Packages & Utilities.
Copy Course Group_go to Package Utilities
b. Click Course Group Copy.
Copy Content from Course Group_Packages and Utilities list

c. From the Select Copy Type drop-down menu, click Copy Course Group Materials into an Existing Course Group.


d. For the Destination Group ID, click Browse... and locate your destination group.


e. Select the group you want to copy to and click Submit

f. Click the check boxes to select the Course Group Materials you want to copy. You can use the Select All button, but it doesn’t select absolutely everything.

g. For Course Group Files, select Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course group home folder).

h. DON'T include enrolments. If you're using the course group for the entire course, they're already in it, so there's no need! If you're using the level based course group, that's specifically for students on that level. MyBeckett is flexible enough to allow you to use both as part of a communication strategy and to encourage students of different levels to learn from each other. If you want more information about how this works, please contact us (details below).

i. Click Submit.


IMPORTANT: You won’t be able to see imported content immediately. You’ll get an email when the import is complete. DON'T begin the process again - you'll get duplicates of everything.

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