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1. Introduction

You can copy individual content items to another module where you're the instructor. 

Please note that some content types, including Tests, require a different process.

Important: You must start in the module you're copying from.

2. Locate the item you want to copy 

a. Make sure that Edit Mode is switched ON.

Edit Mode

b. Hover over the content item or folder that you want to copy.

Item to copy

c. Click the action link next to the item, then click Copy.

Copy option

d. In the Destination section, select a Destination Module from the drop-down list, then click Browse... to locate your destination folder.

Destination options

e. In the Attachments and Embedded Links section, select the File Links option to Include links and make copies of attached and embedded files.

f. Click Submit.

3. Copy a test into another module

a. Start in the module where you want to copy your test from. In the Control Panel, click Module Tools.

Module Tools, MyBeckett

b. Click Tests, Surveys and Pools.

Module Management, MyBeckett

c. Select Tests from the list.

Tests MyBeckett

d. Click the circular action link icon to the right of the test you want to copy.

Tests, MyBeckett

e. Click Export to Local Computer. This will export your test as a ZIP file.

Export to computer, Tests, MyBeckett

f. When you have exported the test, go to the module that you want to copy the test to and go to  the Module Tools (Control Panel) then click Tests, Surveys and Pools.

g. Click on Import Test tab.

Import Tests, MyBeckett

h. In Attach File, click Browse My Computer and select the exported test ZIP.

browse my computer, MyBeckett

i. Click Submit.  When the test upload is complete, a message will appear on screen.

j. You can then use the Module Management menu (bottom left) to open the imported test for editing. To do this, click Module Tools, then Tests, Surveys and Pools, then Tests.

k. Now you can add your test to a content area.

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