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1. Introduction

Blogs are a good way for students to keep a record of their progress toward a goal or their contribution toward a project.
You can set up one blog for all students/sub-groups (in which they can all see other students' contributions), or each student/sub-group can have individual blogs. Please note that individual blogs are not private.

2. Create a Blog

a. Turn Edit Mode ON in the top right corner of the page.

b. In a Content Area, hover your mouse over Tools and click Blogs.


c. Click Create New Blog. 

d. Alternatively, if you've already created a blog, select the Link to a Blog option and click on one in the list. Then click Next

e. Name the blog and provide some Instructions for students.

f. Set Blog Availability to Yes if you want students to see it. Enter Date and Time Restrictions if necessary.
g. Choose the Blog Type. Individual to All Students (one for each student) or Course (they can all see each other's contributions). You can choose to Allow Anonymous Comments, but bear in mind this could be open to abuse. There's no way to find out who made an anonymous comment.
h. Apply Blog Settings. We recommend not allowing users to delete anything so that there's a record of all contributions.

i. You can Grade Blog contributions if the students' blog forms part of an assessment. If so, choose the points possible. It's best to mark out of 100 and weight assignments etc. later in the Grade Centre.
j. Click Submit

k. The Blog is created. On the next screen, you're asked to Link to a Blog, click the one you just created, then click Next.
l. Type a Name for the link and a brief description, then set Availability to Yes if you want students to see it. You can also Track Number of Views and set Date Restrictions. When you're done, click Submit.

m. A link to the blog is then created in the current content area. Click it to view the blog.

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Page last updated: 08/02/2018

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