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Create a Content Folder

1. Introduction

Important: You may want to create content in one of the default module navigation menu content areas e.g. Welcome, Week 1 - Topic 1 or Assessment. If you don't want to use an existing content area, you'll need to create one using our guide.

We recommend a maximum of one level of folders within a content area. E.g. In the content area Week 1 - Topic 1, you might have four folders, each containing related content.

In this guide we have included how to create a sub-folder, but we wouldn't recommend adding additional folders inside those four folders; this is because students have fed back that multiple layers of navigation is confusing.

2. Create a folder

a. In your chosen content area, hover the mouse over Build Content and click Content Folder.

Content Folder, MyBeckett

b. Type a Name for the folder and add any additional info students might find useful in the description.

c. Choose Permit Users to View this Content if you want students to see it, and Track Number of Views (you can check the stats later). Set Date and Time Restrictions if applicable.

d. Click Submit

e. The folder is displayed in the Content Area.

f. Repeat this process to add more folders to the Content Area. To add content in the folder you've created, click the name of the folder to open it and use the Build Content menu to add content to it.

3. Create a Sub-Folder

Within a folder you can create a sub-folder.  NB: Student feedback: too many sub-folders is difficult for them to navigate.

a. Open the folder.

b. Go to Build Content, click on Content Folder and repeat the above steps at point 2 above.  

c. To move an item into the sub-folder. Click Browse, click the small folder icon at the top of the Navigation Menu to view the sub-folders.

Select item to move via the Drop down menu_arrow_ next to name

d. Browse to find destination sub-folder, a pop up window will appear - Maximise popup window - then click onto the plus icon next to the folder to view the Sub-Folders and select.

Destination Folder, MyBeckett

Expand Sub Folders to move content to correct sub folder

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