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Create a Discussion Board

1. Introduction

A Discussion Board can contain a number of forums, each based on a broad topic area. Within a forum, students can start new threads that all others on the module can reply to. Each forum can have numerous threads and each thread may have many replies, Subscribing is also available to all to get notifications when people reply to a thread.

Students can access the Discussion Board via several ways:

  1. Navigation Menu
  2. Within the Content Area
  3. My Groups (Sub-Groups): *NB: this is only visible to students not staff (Sub-group Discussion Boards are set up from within Sub-Groups under Users and Groups, only then will My Groups be visible to students). Advantage of this approach is they separate out Forums for each Sub-Group Discussion group. These can be either manually predetermined or students sign-up/self-enrol. 

Assessment option: there is also an option to mark individuals or sub-groups for participating in Discussions.  A column will be created in Grade Centre only when the settings are enabled.  (Please get in touch with Digital Learning Service for support).

Some of the instructions below are also the same for students, such as creating a thread, subscribing to get notification/email alerts and replying, link to student guides.

2. Create a Discussion Board in the Menu

Creating a Discussion Board by adding a Menu item.

a. Click on the Plus Icon at the top of your Module Menu and choose 'Tool Link' 

b. Now type in the name: Discussion Board and also choose the Tool Link from the drop down.  Tick the checkbox to make 'Available to Users'.

c. The Discussion Board link will now be created, visible at the bottom of the menu list, to move it by dragging it up (see image below to).

d. Now to start a discussion thread, open up the link and choose 'Create Forum' with a topic.

e. Continue reading point 3, 4 and 5 for further instructions on replying to posts, subscribing to never miss a message and creating new threads (NB: Students can also create new threads).

3. Create a Discussion Board in the Content Area

a. Turn Edit Mode ON

b. In a Content Area, hover your mouse over Tools and click Discussion Board.

c. If you've created a Discussion Board elsewhere in the module, there's an option to link to it. If not, click Create New Forum. Then click Next

d. Give the Forum Name and a brief Description.

e. Set Forum Availability to Yes if you want students to see it, and enter any Date and Time Restrictions.

f. Use the radio buttons in the Forum Settings section to select options for your Discussion Board. 

  • Viewing Threads/Replies: Allows you to decide how learners view threads within your Discussion Board.
  • Mark: Allows you to enable a mark in Discussion Board, go to Grade Centre column.
  • Subscribe: Allows users to switch on subscription options to received email notifications and Global Navigation.
  • Create and Edit: Allows you to decide how learners can create posts within your Discussion Board. [Note, if you choose to allow anonymous posts, it is not possible to know who has posted anonymously, even for investigatory purposes].
  • Additional Options: Allows you to switch on other options for your Discussion Board.

g. Click Submit.

h. Select a Discussion Board Forum (the one you just created) from the list and click Next.

i. Check that you're happy with the settings, and click Submit.

Create Link, MyBeckett

4. Create a Thread

Threads are a way of categorising specific topics in a Discussion Board. For example: A Forum might be called 'Animals', and Threads may be topical such as Mammals, Birds, Fish' etc. If you start a thread, students will post responses. Or you can give them the ability to create their own threads. 

a. Open a Discussion Board.

Discussion icon, MyBeckett

b. Click Create Thread (button top left)

 Create Thread, MyBeckett

c. Enter a Title of discussion thread in Subject area and under Message write a description of how you would like students to participate in the discussion.

d. Assessment tool: Marking is an option and will create a column in Grade Centre with a 'Needs Marking' status for you to grade. 

Marking, Forum, Threads, MyBeckett

e. Click Submit.

f. Students are also able to create threads in your discussion forum following the same steps above a, b, c. 

5. Reply to a Post (Student participation)

a. Click a Thread name in a forum to open the thread.list of threads, Discussion Forum, MyBeckett

b. Click Reply

Reply Threads

c. Type a Subject title and your message.

d. Click Submit.

6. Subscribe to a thread (Email Alerts)

a. In a module, find and click the Discussion Board and click on the name of the forum.

b. Tick the box[es] next to the discussion Thread/s you want to subscribe to. 

Subscribe to a forum to be notified of all replies

c. Click Subscribe.   You'll see a green notification to indicate that you have subscribed (see image below), you will receive notifications in MyBeckett's Notifications menu and an email to alert you whenever students reply to the discussion thread.  Students are also able to subscribe too.


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