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1. Introduction

Surveys cannot be marked and are anonymous. You can’t unanonymise them. If you need to know who submitted responses, you should create a Test and call it a Survey.
Surveys are useful for gathering student data that's not used to evaluate their performance. Surveys must be deployed in a content area.

2. Create a survey shell

a. In the Control Panel, click Module Tools, then click Tests, Surveys and Pools.
Test Surveys Pools option

b. Click Surveys.
Surveys option

c. Click Build Survey.
Build Survey button

d. Type a Name, Description and any Instructions for students.
e. Click Submit. This creates a survey shell, to which you can add questions.

3. Create a question

a. Hover your mouse over Create Question, then select one of the different question types from the drop-down menu. View our guide to question types for a full description of each.

Create question list

b. Add a Question Title and Question Text, then complete the remaining sections.

4. Add a Survey to a content area

a. Click a content area, learning module or folder to enter it.

b. Hover your mouse over Assessments, then click Survey.
 Survey button
c. Under Add Survey, select your survey. Then click Submit.
 Add a survey
d. Make the Link Available by selecting Yes, so that students can see it.
 Survey options
e. Click Submit. The survey appears in the content area.

5. Download results

You can download your survey results via your module’s Grade Centre.

a. In the Module Management menu at the bottom left of the module, click Grade Centre, then Full Grade Centre.

Module Management menu

b. Scroll across to find the column that was automatically created for your survey.

c. Click the action link (a circle with an arrow in it) at the top of the survey column.

Survey action link

d. From the drop-down list, click Download Results.

Download results

e. Choose how you want to download the results.

f. Click the Click to download results button. You can open the downloaded file in Excel.

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Page last updated: 19/01/2018

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