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1. Introduction

This guide is for staff who want to create a test pool in MyBeckett.

What is a test pool?

In MyBeckett, a pool is a bank of questions that you can reuse in multiple tests and surveys within your module. You can set up multiple pools for different topics.

Pool examples

2. Set up a new test pool

a. In the Module Management menu at the bottom left of your module, click Module Tools, then Tests, Surveys and Pools.

Test, Surveys and Pools menu 

b. Click Pools.


c. Click Build Pool.

Build pool

d. Type a name for the pool. You can also provide a description and instructions for other instructors, explaining the types of questions in the pool. This description will not be visible to students. Click Submit.

Pool name and description

e. To add questions to the pool, you can create new questions, find existing questions and upload questions.

Add questions

3. Edit a pool

a. In the Module Management menu at the bottom left of your module, click Module Tools, then Tests, Surveys and Pools.

Test, Surveys and Pools menu

b. Click Pools.


c. Click the action link to the right of the pool, then click Edit.

Edit Pool

d. Add or delete questions from the pool as needed.

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