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1. Introduction

This guide shows staff how to create web links within a module or course group. 

A web link is a hyperlink to a website. It provides a quick way to direct students to relevant content.

Web link example

a. In a content area, click Build Content.

Build content

b.Click Web Link.

Build web link

c. Type a Namefor the link.

d.Type or paste theURL.

URL example

e.You can add a Description andAttachments, but these are optional.

Description and attachments

f. Set Open in New Window toYes.

Open in New window

g. SetPermit Users to View this ContenttoYes if you want students to see it.

Permit users

h.Set Track Number of Viewsto Yes.

Track views

i.Select Date and Time Restrictionsif needed.

Date and time restrictions

j. Click Submit.

a. Click the Tools tab.

Image of staff menu 

b. Locate the Module/Course Group Manager & Communicator tool.

c. Click Post Web Link.

Module course group manager and communicator

d. Select the modules where you want to add a web link. Note, the process is the same for course groups, but these are labelled 'organizations' within this tool.

e. Type a name, URL and optional description for the link.

f. Decide where you would like to create the link within each module.

  • Use the Post To Location drop-down list if you want to create the web link within the same content area in each module (e.g. Welcome, or Week 1 - Topic 1). 
    Post to location

  • Tick the Post to specific locations checkbox if you would like to create the web link within different content areas in each module (e.g. Welcome, Week 1 - Topic 1, Week 2 - Topic 1 etc). You can then select the locations in the panel on the right.
    Post to specific locations

g. Click Submit.

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Page last updated: 18/01/2020

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