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Create a weighted total column

1. Introduction

This guide is for staff creating a weighted total column in MyBeckett's Grade Centre. A weighted total column allows you to weight assignment marks to produce a calculated module total.

There is a default weighted column in every new module. This will not display any results until you set up weightings for the columns you want to include.

Note: If your weighted total column already contains data, we advise that you check with other instructors on your module before making changes.

By default this column is hidden to students. You can use this column to assess progress and reveal it at the end of the year.

2. Create a weighted total column

a. Go to the module Control Panel, Grade Centre and click Full Grade Centre.

b. Click the action link (down arrow) next to the column title for the first column (Assignment/Test) you want to include in the calculation. 

c. Click Edit Column Information.

d. Scroll down to the last section 'Options' and choose Yes to Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations and Submit. 

Important: You will need to do this for every column that you weight towards a calculated total before continuing onto the next step.

 Include Column in Grade Centre Calculations

3. Edit how the Marks are displayed 

You can edit how the marks are displayed to your students (and other information such as Column Name, Description if needed).

a. Click on the arrow next to the name Weighted Total and select Edit Column information 

b. In the Select Columns section, choose which assignments you want to add weight to. Click the assignment name, then click the arrow to move it into the Selected Columns.

c. Type the percentage for each assignment in the box next to it. (Percentage or Score totals need to be weighted out of 100).

NB: Scroll down to Options to change if this is to be seen by students under the Options section.

d. Calculate as running total allows you to choose whether you want the assignment weighting to be calculated as each assignment is marked, or wait until all assignments are marked, then calculate the weighted total.

If set to Yes, the weighted total updates as each assignment is marked.

If set to No, the weighted total of all assignments is shown, even if students haven’t submitted yet.

e. In the Options section, you can:

Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations: Select whether you would like to use this total to calculate another total, choosing Yes or No. Unless you’ve developed a fiendishly complicated marking process, it's probably No.

Show this Column to Students: If you want students to see the weighted total as soon as you click Submit, choose Yes. To keep it hidden until you release all marks, select No.

Show Statistics (average and median) for this column to Students in My Grades: Show students average and median grades for module assignments, for example: how they compare to their peers. Choose either Yes or No.

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