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1. Introduction

Wikis allow students to add, modify, or delete content using a simplified markup language or a rich-text editor. Most are created collaboratively. 

2. Create a Wiki

a. Turn Edit Mode ON 

b. In a content area, hover your mouse over Tools and click Wikis.

c. Click Create New Wiki. (If you've already created a Wiki in the module, there's an option to link to it) .

d. Name your Wiki and add some instructions.

e. Make the Wiki Available by selecting Yes, and enter Date Restrictions if necessary.

f. Apply Wiki Participation, select whether or not students can edit or comment on the Wiki. Also apply Grade Settings to allow grading of contributions if the Wiki forms part of an assessment. If so, choose the points possible. It's best to mark out of 100 and weight assignments etc. later in the Grade Centre.

g. Click Submit. The Wiki has been created.
h. On the next page, select Link to Wiki, highlight the name of the Wiki you just created and click Next.
i. Type the Wiki Name and Instructions.

j. Make the Wiki Available by selecting Yes, and enter Date Restrictions if necessary.  
k. Click Submit.
l. A link to the wiki is created in the current content area. Click it to view the wiki.

3. Create a Wiki page

a. Locate and enter the Wiki you created in section 2.
b. If this is your first Wiki page, you'll see a Create Wiki Page form. Type a Name and add some content. Or, if you have already created a page, you can add another via the same process.

4. Edit Wiki content

a. In the Wiki, click Edit Wiki Content.

b. Use the Content Editor to edit or delete content from the wiki page. 

c. To find out more about Content Editor functions, please view our guide.  

d. You can link to websites by highlighting text and clicking the link icon. Then, you enter the URL of the website in the Link Path box and click Insert, leaving the other settings as they are.

e. You can also add files this way through clicking Browse My Computer and clicking Insert, leaving the other settings as they are again.
f. You can link to other Wiki pages you have created by clicking the link to Wiki pages button. Please note that this option will only be available when at least two wiki pages exist.

g. When finished, click Submit. The content will now be ready to view on the Wiki.

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