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1. Introduction

You can create an item to present a variety of content.

Using the functions in the Content Editor text box editor you can:

  • Attach files: PowerPoint, Word, PDF etc. (NB: these will require downloading to view them)
  • Embed multimedia: YouTube, Images etc.
  • Insert equations
  • Quotations
  • Web links
  • Tables
  • Emoji

You have creative control over how your content appears which increases student engagement, such as embedding content via YouTube for example is easier for students to view and because it displays within MyBeckett they are more likely to move onto the next content item. Embedding is much easier for students to view content that is displayed within a content item rather than having to click a link to view and then navigate back to MyBeckett and/or downloading a media file or other content onto their devices and then opening it with the appropriate program.

2. Create an item

An item can be text, file attachments, links or images. You can add it to any content area.

a. Go to the content area in which you want to create an item.

b. Hover your mouse over Build Content and click Item

c. Type a Name for the item and enter a description into the Text box. You can add URLs, images, videos etc (see our guide on using the Content Editor).

d. If you're attaching files, click Browse My Computer or Browse Cloud Storage (OneDrive for Business) select a file and click Open. Repeat this step if you want to add additional files.

e.  Set Permit Users to View this Content to Yes if you want students to be able to see the content item.

f. Select Date and Time Restrictions if necessary.

g. Set Track Number of Views to Yes.

h. Click Submit.

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