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1. Introduction

This guide is for staff who want to upload files to a module or course group in MyBeckett.

How many files do you need to upload?

Before you start uploading files to your module, it's important to consider how many files you need to upload. 

  • One file: If it's just one file, you can upload the file using the steps in this guide.
  • More than one related file: If it's more than one file and the files are related in some way, you should create an item and attach the files to the item instead. If you've already uploaded the file/s to the module, you can attach them by finding them in the Content Collection.
  • More than one unrelated file: If it's more than one and the files are not related, you should use WebDAV to upload multiple files in one go. This is because the web interface for MyBeckett only allows you to upload one file at a time.
  • HTML files with linked content: If you are planning to upload HTML files with linked content (e.g. images or CSS files), we recommend that you upload these files to the Content Collection and organise them using folders. This will make it easier for you to manage permission settings for the linked files.

2. Create an item

An item can be text, file attachments, links or images. You can add it to any content area.

a. Go to the content area in which you want to create an item.

b. Hover your mouse over Build Content and click Item

c. Type a Name for the item.

d. Enter a description into the Text box. You can add URLs, images, videos etc.

e. If you're attaching files, click Browse My Computer, select a file and click Open. Repeat this step if you want to add additional files.

f. Set Permit Users to View this Content to Yes if you want students to be able to see it.

g. Select Date and Time Restrictions if necessary.

h. Set Track Number of Views to Yes.

i. Click Submit.

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