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Customise style and theme

1. Add a banner

a. In the Control Panel, click Customisation, then click Look and Feel.
Menu MyBeckett 
b. Scroll down to Select Banner and attach the new banner using Browse My Computer.
Important: the image should be approx 485 x 80 pixels in size.
Banner image MyBeckett

c. Click Submit. 

2. Change the Homepage (module entry point)

a. In your module, first make sure that the content area that you would like to use as the module entry point is not empty.

b. In the Module Management menu at the bottom left, click Customisation.

c. Click Look and Feel.

d. Use the drop-down list in the Select module entry point section to choose the new module entry point. We recommend that this is a content area such as Welcome.

Warning: don't select an external link for the module entry point, as this will prevent students from accessing module content.

e. Click Submit

3. Change the style and theme

a. In a module's Control Panel  click Customisation, then click Look and Feel. 

b. You can apply a visual theme to the module. Under Select Module Theme, click to select one. This doesn't affect your content or module structure.

c. Although it is possible to choose aMenu Style (text or button), we recommend leaving this as text. As of August 2018, the buttons feature is no longer available. Blackboard have confirmed that this is an expected behaviour with the mobile responsive theme that we are using to provide an improved experience for mobile users. As a result, the buttons feature is overriden by the theme settings.

d. Click Submit. 

Your feedback

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This feedback form is for web page URLs that begin with 'teachlearn' e.g. www.teachlearn.leedsbeckett.ac.uk

For other pages / comments, please use the What's Your View form on the page. 

Page last updated: 18/01/2020

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