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1. Introduction

You can assign other tutors in a module to mark sets of student submissions.

These tutors are called delegated markers. They follow the same marking steps as the module leader, but the assignment submissions they see are based on options chosen by the module leader.

Once all delegated markers have provided marks and feedback, one or more tutors review the marking to determine a final mark (reconcile it).

You can combine delegated and anonymous marking so that when viewing delegated marking sets, student names are hidden.

2. Enable delegated marking

a. When you create an assignment, click the Grading Options section.

b. Tick the Enable Delegated Marking box. You can view a list of potential markers. Use the Show drop-down to filter the list.

Delegated Grading options image 1

c. Use the drop-down list next to each marker’s name to assign submissions. You can assign:

  • All Submissions
  • Random Set: Mark a random set of the selected number of students. If multiple markers are assigned to mark a random set, students are distributed evenly.
  • Groups: Mark all students in selected Sub-groups.
  • None 

d. In the Reconcile Grades column, view who can determine the final mark and feedback for each student. All instructors can reconcile grades.

3. Notifications

If you select two delegated markers and assign each them a random set of submissions, they're notified and only see submissions that are part of their individual random sets. These notifications appear in the following areas:

Needs Grading

  • You only see your set of assignments to mark, not assignments delegated to others.

Grade Centre

  • The needs grading icon appears in cells only for the assigned (delegated) marker.
  • Notifications
  • Daily-digest email notifications.

4. View submissions

You can access submissions you're assigned to mark in the Grade Centre via Needs Grading.

Both options open the Grade Assignment page, where you view submissions and mark inline. In the action bar, you can view how many submissions are in your queue.

Delegated Grading options image 2

All instructors have the ability to view marks, feedback and notes provided by other instructors.

Delegated Grading options image 3

After you enter a mark, a Needs Reconciliation icon appears in the Grade Centre cell. No score appears until an instructor reconciles the mark.

5. Reconcile marks notifications

After delegated markers begin marking, instructors are notified that marks need reconciling. They appear in the following places:
  • Needs Grading: Needs Reconciliation appears on the action bar.
  • Grade Centre grid: Needs Reconciliation icon appears in cells.
  • Notifications
  • Daily-digest email notifications, if enabled.

6. Reconcile marks

Instructors can review all marks and feedback to determine final marks, or reconcile grades. You can Reconcile Grades from Needs Grading and the Full Grade Centre.
Important: When reconciling marks, instructors have the option to not show delegated markers’ feedback to students and instead provide their own.
a. In Grade Centre, click the action link (down arrow) next to the assignment column title. Then click Reconcile Grades.

Delegated Grading options image 4
b. You can view the marks that all markers assigned and see who has submissions to mark. For large classes, filter the list by status and marker.
Scores that appear with a comment icon have feedback. You can accept the marks set by others, or review and set final marks.
 Delegated Grading options image 5
c. Show Grader Progress: Click to view the progress of all markers, what they assigned for the average mark for the assignment, and the number of attempts.
d. Show Detail View: View existing marks and feedback, or view an associated. You can hide all the markers’ feedback, add new feedback, and determine the final mark.
e. Add Grader: Click the icon to add one or more markers for this student.
f. Determine Final Grade: Use the drop-down list to assign a final mark for each student. Or, use the Final Grade drop-down list in the column header to reconcile marks in bulk for highest, lowest, or an average of the markers’ scores.
g. After you reconcile marks, the Needs Reconciliation icons are replaced with the scores you assigned. You can view scores and feedback assigned by each marker on the student’s Grade Details page in the Grade History tab.
h. Students see their reconciled marks and feedback in Provisional Grades. They can click the name of the assignment, then click Review Submission History to view all feedback.

 Delegated Grading options image 6

Delegated Grading options image 7

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